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Cooking Around the World: Machboos and Maamoul, the original M&M

Bahrain is up next in my challenge to cook the national dish of every country, and I made chicken machboos plus maamoul cookies for dessert.

The chicken machboos was not too different from the many chicken and rice dishes that serve as national dishes for other countries, but it used some more fragrant spices like cinnamon and cardamom. I liked it, but it’s not my preferred flavor profile for a savory dish.

For the cookies, I took a shot at making my own maamoul mould. I carved a 1 3/8″ hole into a piece of walnut scrap with a Forstner bit and then scalloped the edges with a rotary tool. It turns out this was mostly a waste of time, since the cookies lost all detail during baking. This might be due to the dough being too dry, which it definitely was.

Sorry to anyone who was hoping to read about a Bahamanian dish this week; it has been postponed until the fresh seafood selection in southern Oregon can accommodate it.

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