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Cooking Around the World: From A to Zerbaijan

It’s been another week since my last passport stamp in my culinary world tour, and this week, I’m stopping in Azerbaijan for some baliq shashlik and tenbel pakhlava.

Baliq sashlik is a platter of fish fillets that were marinated in lemon and dill and then grilled on skewers (although I removed them from the skewers before taking the photo). I realized that this was the first time I have ever cooked fish in my life that wasn’t previously frozen and deep-fried, and it was, if I do say so myself, not bad.

Tenbel pakhlava is a sort of less time-intensive baklava — it has two thick layers of meringue-covered nuts plus three layers of pastry. This was fine, but I would still prefer baklava (although I’ll never make baklava myself). I may have undercooked it, since the center pieces were pretty gooey, but the edge pieces were nice and crunchy.

That’s the last A country — there are only approximately 25 letters to go!

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