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Here’s What You Should Think

I’ve imported all of the posts from my first blog (“Here’s What You Should Think”), which I started and ended in 2004. Most of them are related to Toby, a webmail client I wrote in college, and anyInventory, an open-source inventory system I was developing around the same time.

Update: I am no longer involved in the development of anyInventory.

Update: Toby is no longer supported. I recommend using RoundCube Webmail instead.

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I’ve decided that my current goal in life is to someday be cool enough to have a guest blogger on my site. That’s when you know that you’ve “made it.”

If you’d like to be my guest blogger, send my a few examples of posts you’d write. Ideally, they should be about me and either be praising my good qualities or downplaying my bad ones. Please also include a $5 registration fee.

By the way, I’m in Orlando this week at a codejam techcrunch scape-con?. Soon, my MacBook will have singed off all of the hair between the top of my knees and the bottom of my shorts.

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I’m kind of bored, so I’m pulling out the old standby that is almost guaranteed to provide some moderately interesting comments – a reader survey! The latest check I did of feed subscribers numbered in the low triple-digits, and I’m curious about what kind of people are reading what I write. So I submit these three questions for your consideration:

1. How did you initially find my site?
2. What would you like to see more/less of here?
3. Do you have a blog (and where is it)?

I’ve turned off the requirement of filling in your name and e-mail for this post, so giving some feedback should be as easy as ever.

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Optimizing Your Website for the Wii

I’ve optimized my blog (and thus my Greencode WordPress theme) for browsing on the Nintendo Wii. So if you read my blog on the Wii, it will look like this:

My website on the Wii

It was pretty easy, and you can do it too, by following these two simple steps:

1. Create a Wii-friendly stylesheet. This is similar to creating a mobile-friendly stylesheet, and it involves enlarging the text, removing superfluous crap, and just making your site easier to read from a distance. You can see the stylesheet I created here.

2. Serve the Wii stylesheet to Wii users. The user-agent string of the Wii will be something like Opera/9.00 (Nintendo Wii; U; ; 1309-9; en), so in PHP, you can accompish this like so:

if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], "Wii;") !== false){
[... wii stylesheet ...]
} else {
[... regular stylesheets ...]

And just for fun, I also added an “Optimized for the Nintendo Wii” watermark in the top-right corner and enabled the Wii stylesheet for anyone who adds “?wii=1” to the end of a URL. For example, here is the Wii-friendly version of this post.