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Social Traffic Monitor 1.2

Update: URL Fixer was acquired and is now hosted at

After giving it a workout this week with all the visitors to my blog from Digg and StumbleUpon, I’ve made some changes to the Social Traffic Monitor plugin for WordPress, and I’m releasing version 1.2.

Since version 1.1, I’ve added StumbleUpon as a social news/bookmarking source, fixed a few bugs with logging non-social-referring sites, and I’ve added the option to supply a formatting string for the plugin’s output. What this means is that you can now call the plugin like this:

	<php social_traffic('<div>%s</div>'); ?>

and the the plugin will replace the “%s” with its output, but only if it has something to display; otherwise, it will display nothing at all. This allows you to add borders, positioning data, or just your own custom code to the plugin’s output. (Calling social_traffic(); is equivalent to calling social_traffic("%s");.)

To upgrade, simply download and unzip version 1.2 and upload the included social-traffic.php to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.


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