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Content theft

I noticed via a pingback to one of my posts that someone is scraping all of my blog posts, publishing them at, and displaying Adsense ads next to them. I don’t know which route I should take first: get their Google Adsense account closed for violating the TOS, contact GoDaddy about the user using the Netscape trademark without permission, or get their hosting shutoff for copyright violations. I think I’ll do all three. :-D

Update: The owner of the site offers some clarification.


3 comments on “Content theft

  1. This happened to me recently.

    The funny thing is that I publish under a Creative Commons license that allows for scraping, as long as you provide attribution, don’t change it and don’t make money.

    The person in question changed my content (one link in the content), gave me no credit and profited off of it as it hit the Digg home page and got tons of Stumble traffic.

    His blog is now gone :)

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