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I’m kind of bored, so I’m pulling out the old standby that is almost guaranteed to provide some moderately interesting comments – a reader survey! The latest check I did of feed subscribers numbered in the low triple-digits, and I’m curious about what kind of people are reading what I write. So I submit these three questions for your consideration:

1. How did you initially find my site?
2. What would you like to see more/less of here?
3. Do you have a blog (and where is it)?

I’ve turned off the requirement of filling in your name and e-mail for this post, so giving some feedback should be as easy as ever.


6 comments on “Feedback

  1. 1. The [wonderful] Top 100 Digg User list
    2. More Digg User lists/data

    Maybe you can somehow make a web version of the Top 1,000 Digg Users list, that’d be easier [awesome].

  2. 1. I work with you. I don’t think I added the feed till you published the WordPress social traffic plugin.

    2. More quick and dirty projects like the Digg 100 (not necessarily Digg related)

    3. (I see I’m already in the blogroll w00t!)

  3. Chuck says:

    1. I was looking at themes some time ago and found your site. I thought what you were writing was interesting and added you to my ‘trial’ feeds folder where you still live today.

    2. Less Digg and more Scribe and Netscape. I’m sure digg posts are a fair amount of your hits but I am really tired of all the digg posts.

    3. I do but it’s just family stuff and nothing that needs to be promoted or mentioned here. Thanks anyway.

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