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Create LEGO-compatible Angle Plates with LEGO.scad

LEGO Angle PlateIn response to a comment here, I wrote the first OpenSCAD module for generating complex brick shapes using my LEGO.scad project.

LEGO.scad is great for creating bricks and wings of all shapes and sizes, but it isn’t suitable for making complicated shapes like angle plates. LEGO sells 90º angle plates (pictured); the new module can generate plates with orientations between 0º and 100º.

This is the default output: a 90º plate with both sides 2×2.

Here’s one with an angle of 45º and different size sides:

Here’s the underside of one with an angle of 100º, a 2×3 base, and a 4×1 overhang:

To generate your own plates, check out the LEGO.scad repository and call the angle_plate() module in OpenSCAD. Feel free to share your creations in the comments below.


4 comments on “Create LEGO-compatible Angle Plates with LEGO.scad

    • Hey Nick,

      I’ve updated the LEGO-Angle-Plate.scad file to support negative angle values. To reproduce the brick in the link, use this:

      `angle_plate(angle=-90, base_stud_width=1);`

      It should work for angles between about -150 and +100, but certain combinations of angles and overhang/block length/width will cause some strange geometry.

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