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Today’s Functional Print, CHRISTMAS EDITION: Christmas Tree Feet

In today’s appropriately festive 3D printer news, I’ve printed replacement feet for some ornamental Christmas trees:


These feet took a while to design — the organic shapes and border ridges were new concepts to me in OpenSCAD, but I was able to settle on a design that could be printed without supports.


Spot the original, if you can!

The feet didn’t require supports, but this was only because I printed the “toe” separately and attached it with acetone afterwards. If I hadn’t done this, I would have had to print a bunch of additional support along the bottom of the foot.


The trees are similar to OpenSCAD script and STL file are available on GitHub. Feliz Navidad!


4 comments on “Today’s Functional Print, CHRISTMAS EDITION: Christmas Tree Feet

  1. Mike Costello says:

    I cannot find STL file for this Christmas tree leg. My wife has a broken one, and this will make her happier with 3D printer purchase. Could you share?

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