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Due to the upcoming deprecation of XUL-based add-ons, I am stopping development and support for this add-on. E-mail me if you’d to take over development.

RSS Ticker is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser that scrolls the items from your Live Bookmarks across your browser, a la a cable-news style ticker.

Screenshot of RSS Ticker Firefox extension

RSS Ticker’s features include:

  • Placement of the ticker either at the bottom of the screen (under the status bar) or at the top of the screen (under the bookmarks toolbar).
  • Ability to disable selected feeds from appearing in the ticker (Bookmarks Menu > Right-click on feed > Properties > Uncheck “Show in RSS Ticker”)
  • Ability to disable the ticker while you are not using it.
  • Option to have the ticker auto-hide when it’s empty.
  • Mark an item as read by Ctrl-clicking on it.
  • Ability to manually scroll through the ticker using your mouse’s scroll wheel.
  • Configurable options:
    • Ticker speed
    • Ticker smoothness
    • Have all links open in new tabs
  • Detailed tooltips

To add a feed to RSS Ticker, just subscribe to the feed as a Live Bookmark in Firefox.

Note: the ticker uses your history to determine which links you’ve already seen, so if you clear your history, the ticker will show all links as unread.

377 thoughts on “RSS Ticker

  1. Mark says:

    Yeah, I get “no live feeds found” after a crash as well, but that’s not a big problem, as the crashing happens rarely and it’s not that INVASIVE!
    Old feeds popping up every day, on the other hand, ARE MORE THAN INVASIVE and ANNOYING as hell!
    Even worse, sometimes new feeds are mixed with the old ones so you have to be careful not the “Mark All as Read” straight away, but find and open the new feed first, and then mark the rest as read…

    Interesting thing, popping of the old feeds start approximately at the same time every day – I hope this might help the developer to find the bug and the culprit. Also, more old feeds are popping up after the crash (not right away, but at certain time of day – for me that is usually 30 minutes after midnight doesn’t matter when the crash occurred), but if there wasn’t crashing for some period, then just a couple of old feeds are popping up (also at that certain time 12:30AM as always).
    Sometimes one or two old feeds pop up at random time during the day.

  2. MikeOShay says:

    In terms of the time of day, I think it’s the same time of day and with the same gaps in-between as when they originally came out, there are just a lot of things that update at midnight, and perhaps that’s when the ticker checks its updates for you.

    I subscribe to two weekly video series on The Escapist, and so from those two I get four weekly updates. Two of them are old ones, two of them are new. They’re on different days of the week, so I’m thinking it’s got to do with the number of days or months that have passed, and the thing’s not checking for them properly. It’s pretty obnoxious.

    On rare occasion I get ALL of a webcomic showing up on my feed for no perceived reason, but I figure that’s the comic’s fault and not RSS ticker; it’s probably when they update their site’s RSS plugin or something like that. The consistent appearance of old feed items is pretty damn annoying though.

    • On rare occasion I get ALL of a webcomic showing up on my feed for no perceived reason, but I figure that’s the comic’s fault and not RSS ticker; it’s probably when they update their site’s RSS plugin or something like that. The consistent appearance of old feed items is pretty damn annoying though.

      Yes, this would be due to something the site owner did — change their site platform or RSS handler. I’ve seen it in every feed reader I’ve ever used.

  3. Ferrán says:

    Great add-on, but with it turned on, in my mid-2009 MacBook Firefox jumps from 8-10% CPU usage to 40-50%. Not much of a problem while the computer is hooked to the grid, but when on battery, if I use Firefox usage time goes from 5-6 hours to 3-3’5, and that’s too much.

    It would be good to have at least an ON/OFF switch, instead of having to deactivate the full thing and reload Firefox.

    Is that possible? Thanks a lot for your help.



  4. c says:

    I just got a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and I can’t get the ctrl-click to work on a scrolling feed. It opens a feed item rather than marking it as read.

  5. partywang says:

    thanks for the rss-ticker. it is helpful for me.
    when left click the title,the link open in tab;
    but i just want to set this item to “readed”.
    can U add this function:when click the mouse’s middle-button,the item will be set to readed.
    beause right-click and then click “M”, is to complicated,when there are a lot of news,and i want to read the title one by one.

    at the end,thank you!

  6. etc says:

    thank you for this so helpfull app.for me have only one inconvenience-would be nice to have checkbox in settings “mark as read without ctrl”.much less interesting news then other and holdin down ctrl then need to mark it as read litle tires :)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can you make it so that [optionally] an item can be marked as read by right clicking on it? That’s better than the complicate right-click menu.


  8. Moses says:

    Hey there… nice work. But, somehow i always get the No Feeds message when a new window is opened. I ticked the box don’t show again… But it still appears in every new window, wether i have feeds or not.. and it resets all feeds marked as read… every time .. also fucks up popup windows.. No use like this for me, unfortunately!


  9. Moses says:

    ok .. sorry i wrote all away, b4 reading prev. posts… Problem “NoFeeds” fixed in about:config .. destroying popups sizes also fixed by setting the flag.. showing old feeds issue.. is still useless for me, because i always want to browse private.. so it would be nice if you consider adding your own history to your plugin… the other way theres no use for me :-/

    I love your addon .. i want to use it … Friendly greetings

    • I believe it’s due to a bug in Firefox 40. I don’t have the time to dedicate to ensuring compatibility with betas, but if it’s still broken when 40 is released as stable, I’ll try and fix it then.

    • I believe it’s due to a bug in Firefox 40. I don’t have the time to dedicate to ensuring compatibility with betas, but if it’s still broken when 40 is released as stable, I’ll try and fix it then.

      • Paul says:

        I think you’re right that it’s a bug in FF40. My RSS Ticker continued to work in FF40 and after 40.0.2, but stopped working when I installed a latest version of Roboform password manager which also has a toolbar – some interference there … something’s up with how FF40+ handles toolbars?

  10. Kuranghi says:


    RSS Ticker is a fantastic thing that I have used daily in the past few years, thanks so much for creating and maintaining it all this time.

    My question is a strange one, I use RSS Ticker on the Firefox 39 [stable] on both my mid-2010 Macbook Pro [OS X Mavericks] and a PC with Windows 7 64-bit, when I scroll the mouse wheel ANYWHERE on the RSS Ticker on the macbook it moves the feed along, in whatever direction I scroll, but on the PC when I have to be hovering over an actual feed link for it to start scrolling, then when the mouse leaves the ticker space and I go back to it, the same thing happens again, like it has to be over a ticker link to “capture” the mouse wheel for scrolling on the bar, sorry if that super confusing, I can do a little video if it helps.

    Its frustrating when the feed links are off screen and you have to wait for it to come back on the other side of the screen to be able to hover over it and then be able to scroll the ticker.

    Hope you can fix it, or at least tell me why you think its happening, I thought it might be do with the Macbook’s trackpad, maybe the horizontal-scrolling?

    Cheers in advance.

  11. Taruba says:

    Can you please make it so it uses its own data to save already read feeds and not the history?
    I thought this was already implemented since version 3 but after a new install it doesnt work.
    Im using Private mode on Firefox and my feeds keep coming up.

  12. I love this add-on but it has stopped working. It appears to have happened when FF 40 installed. I’m on Windows 10 and FF 40. Please let me know what you suggest. THANKS!

  13. Ian M says:

    Recently started to use the RSS Ticker add-in and it’s working really well. Thanks!

    I have my several feeds in a folder in my favourites toolbar. If I hover over a feed I get a list of the individual items in that feed, both read and unread. The list appears to be limited to the latest 10 items however. I would like to see all items (or at least a lot more than 10). The items are deleted at source when they are no longer relevant, so I want to see any and all items because they are still relevant.

    My question is whether the 10 items limit is imposed by ‘Firefox Live Bookmarks’ or by the RSS Ticker add-in and, whichever it is, do you know whether there is a way to increase or remove the 10 item limit?

  14. Ian M says:

    Actually digging a bit further I think it may be the RSS feed itself that’s limiting to 10 items, so don’t waste time answering my question above. If I discover otherwise I’ll re-post. – Thanks again for a great add-in.

  15. Mikeehy says:

    Same as previous two comments. I have used this RSS ticker for several years now without any problems and as soon as Firefox updated with vers. 40.0 the ticker went DEAD!!!! I have uninstalled and reinstalled add-on without any success!!!!

    • paulderdash says:

      Strangely for me the RSS Ticker did continue to work after upgrade to 40/40.0.2. But as soon as I installed a latest version of my password manager Roboform, which also has a toolbar, RSS Ticker stopped working. I have confirmed this sequence after an image restore. I have also switched to Feed Sidebar but would still prefer the RSS Ticker … hopefully Chris can/will figure out an update. Only realised how much I miss this add-on when it broke!

  16. Sainath Zanwar says:

    Hi Chris Finally I have found one RSS viewer which finds a fine balance between being non-cumbersome and at the same time non-invasive.
    Thanks for making this.

    I would like to suggest that there should be an option of randomizing the Feeds from multiple platforms. like not a train of feed from one website and then followed by a train of others.
    And further maybe prioritized on the basis of page hits a particular link carries.
    Just a thought !

  17. Mort says:

    Have been using your RSS Ticker for years. Love, Love, Love it! It’s a great app
    Just adding to the frustrations spelled out above: Since upgrading to 40.0 the ticker has disappeared from the desktop. Any attempts to reinstall have gone nowhere.

    We all look forward to a fix to this wonderful add-on to FireFox.

    Thank you.

  18. Charles Taylor says:

    “RSS Ticker could not locate any live bookmarks” I get this error since updating to ff 40.0.2. There in fact are lots of live bookmarks. Any ideas?

  19. I don’t have a lot of time right now to dedicate to RSS Ticker, but when I tried it on a clean Firefox 40 profile, it worked as expected. When I am able to, I will test it with some of the other extensions mentioned above.

  20. Ian M says:

    After Firefox upgraded to v40 the RSS Ticker stopped working for me, and for other people I know. Since then I have tried on other machines, tried using “Refresh Firefox” to set it back to default settings and have tried with a new Firefox profile. Nothing has worked. When I start Firefox I always get a tab opening which says “RSS Ticker was unable to find any Live Bookmarks” etc.

    There is no alternative to RSS Ticker that I’m aware of so if you manage to find time to fix it I for one would be very grateful (and will get the paid edition!).

  21. tlynnec says:

    Same issue here. Started with 40.0.2. Have tried deleting and re-adding Live bookmarks to see if that made a difference, but it did not.

  22. Mart says:

    Many years i could use your app, but it doesn’t work in Firefox 40!
    Is this a known problem?
    And when you aspackt that is works?

  23. Helmut says:

    thank you that you have made this FANTASTIC plugin. I have been using it for years and since it doesn’t work anymore, I recognize how useful and important it is for me.
    I hope you will find the time to make it work again – or that someone else will keep it alive!

  24. Shane says:

    Every time I open Firefox I get a page that opens immediately after that tells me there are no live bookmarks, then explains how I could subscribe if wanted. And that info is totally misleading because I see nothing to the right of the address bar indicating what is described. Never the less, I don’t want anything other than the message to go away. There is a box to be checked to never show message again, but that doesn’t work either. How can I get rid of this annoying message all together? This is the annoying url that appears: chrome://rss-ticker/content/noFeedsFound.xul

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