RSS Ticker

Due to the upcoming deprecation of XUL-based add-ons, I am stopping development and support for this add-on. E-mail me if you’d to take over development.

RSS Ticker is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser that scrolls the items from your Live Bookmarks across your browser, a la a cable-news style ticker.

Screenshot of RSS Ticker Firefox extension

RSS Ticker’s features include:

  • Placement of the ticker either at the bottom of the screen (under the status bar) or at the top of the screen (under the bookmarks toolbar).
  • Ability to disable selected feeds from appearing in the ticker (Bookmarks Menu > Right-click on feed > Properties > Uncheck “Show in RSS Ticker”)
  • Ability to disable the ticker while you are not using it.
  • Option to have the ticker auto-hide when it’s empty.
  • Mark an item as read by Ctrl-clicking on it.
  • Ability to manually scroll through the ticker using your mouse’s scroll wheel.
  • Configurable options:
    • Ticker speed
    • Ticker smoothness
    • Have all links open in new tabs
  • Detailed tooltips

To add a feed to RSS Ticker, just subscribe to the feed as a Live Bookmark in Firefox.

Note: the ticker uses your history to determine which links you’ve already seen, so if you clear your history, the ticker will show all links as unread.

388 comments on “RSS Ticker

  1. Ziad says:

    Hi there,
    Just writing as I seem to be having trouble with the rss ticker addon.
    I can’t seem to be able to add or remove any of the feeds in my “manage feed section”. The only options are “disable” and “enable”. I have two feeds currently running, and although they run fine – I can only disable them not remove.
    Also, when I go to the rss ticker options by going to the “addon” section of firefox…absolutely nothing appears, none of the boxes in any of the sections are ticked and no feeds appear in the “manage feeds” section.
    I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, updating…the whole shabang…but no luck.
    I hope you can help, many thanks.


  2. Nafoutre says:

    Thank you for this great add-on: simplest is easiest!

    Is there any way you could display not one, but several scrolling lines (say: up to 5?) at once?

    Thanks again.

  3. Moreno says:

    Hi, just tried this addon and i think it’s great.
    Just a note:
    it can’t read feeds where authentication is required, can solve this?

    Sorry for my english.

  4. Brady says:

    Brilliant! Where does it keep track of whether or not I have read a feed and how many feeds will it ‘keep’ in memory? It’d be great if you could put out some of the specs re: that when you have a moment. Specifically how one can make sure they don’t ‘miss’ an item from a feed if that feed is pouring out 20 items a day and one only has the ticker set to display a few items at a time.

  5. Justin says:

    FYI, I’m having the same problem as Ziad…

    “Ziad Says:
    January 24th, 2007 at 8:15 pm

    Hi there,
    Just writing as I seem to be having trouble with the rss ticker addon. I can’t seem to be able to add or remove any of the feeds in my “manage feed section”. The only options are “disable” and “enable”.”

  6. Obi Bok says:

    Awsome work done here and surprisingly the only Firefox extension which is an RSS *ticker*. Wasn’t able to find anything else. I like this one so much that I don’t need to look anyway.

    Problems: I can confirm what others reported already – I don’t get any Add/Remove feeds buttons. I do have Enable/Disable though. Running FF (yes, I know…) on Ubuntu.

    Feature requests: Add tiny FF and REW arrows on each end of the ticker to FastForward and ReWind. Make it a user configured option to turn them on and off and let users set the speed boost. I hope this sounds like a useful idea and is easy to code.

    Thanks again. Imagine how many people use your thing and love it but are lazy not to drop you a line of thanks. Then again, I’m unemployed… at the moment :P

  7. ameya says:

    same problem as ziad and justin.
    in fact the ‘options’ do not respond to anything. i cant add any feeds, even when i click on an rss icon. used to work fine. dunno what happened. haven’t changed anything. disabled it once, and it stopped functioning after enabling it. uninstalled, d/l again, installed again, tried adding new feeds.. nothing!

    Justin Says:
    March 8th, 2007 at 10:03 am
    FYI, I’m having the same problem as Ziad…

    “Ziad Says:
    January 24th, 2007 at 8:15 pm

    Hi there,
    Just writing as I seem to be having trouble with the rss ticker addon. I can’t seem to be able to add or remove any of the feeds in my “manage feed section”. The only options are “disable” and “enable”.”

  8. Pat says:

    Suddenly all items from my RSS ticker send me to

    I really like this add on now I cant figure out what is wrong. Previewing the feeds doesnt help.

  9. Stephen says:

    Rishard, Ameya, Ziad, Justin, Obi Bok:

    Is the author reading these comments? With the instructions provided (‘select them from the list below and hit the [nonexistent] add or remove button’), the extension is effectively useless as it will not allow you to add your own feeds. However, I just realized (after reading the description in the .rdf file, which mentioned referred to rss feeds as ‘live bookmarks’) that it might be possible to add / remove feeds by just adding them to Firefox as live bookmarks. This appears to work. It’s not a bad feature (using the feeds you already have specified and being able to toggle them on and off), but it is no use if users cannot figure out how to make it work.


  10. Faris says:

    Love the extension but I need to disable when i enabled it nothing happened. This is by far my most valued extension and would appreciated any help. I can not reload my feeds.

  11. I really love your RSSTicker for Firefox, it’s just the perfect way to consume feeds.

    I do have one issue though: I use multiple machines (think 6-9) interchangeably, constantly moving between them all. Needless to say, RSSTicker is installed on each of the machines, pointing at the same feeds.

    In order to avoid complete mental breakdown, I rely heavily on Google BrowserSync to keep my session going across all machines. The one thing which doesn’t sync across though is which items I’ve read in RSSTicker.

    Is there some way this could be corrected? I thought about maybe using Google Reader to aggregate all the feeds into a single feed and then having an option to notify Reader when an item is clicked (they must have an API).


  12. Great extension, INFORSS is a good one also, however it kept losing my feeds for some reason.

    just wondering about your RSS ticker, one thing i noticed is the OK button not working after i check the options i’d like. Is this something you know about or plan on fixing?

    either way great ticker thanks for sharing it with me and i’m sure those that have used it feel the same way


  13. nakhla says:

    Great Extension, ONE Request Please…

    add an option to auto scroll the tricker to right, because the Arabic language and Hebrew are from right to left languages.

  14. Matt2h says:

    MY RSS ticker.. it’ll start skipping real fast through certain feeds.. those with not a lot of items in them I think. I wish it would scroll through them as smoothly as it scrolls through everything else, but it suddenly gets choppy and skips really quickly through those feeds. Putting it on “randomize” solves the problem.. but I’d prefer to have my ticker display items grouped by feed.. it would be more thematic and consistent that way. I don’t know what I could do.. short of some kind of add-on or reinstall.. to solve this problem.

  15. bcire says:

    Nice little extension which makes great use of Firefox’s own livemarks :)

    Would it be possible to
    1) Have the ticker located IN the status bar
    2) Have a fade in/out with a user-defined duration?

    as InfoRSS does? I used to use that but it got annoying once it started to lose feeds and repeat old ones.

    Kind Regards from Dublin!

  16. lamamba says:

    hi, i’m using feed sidebar from you too – these two extensions check read/unread status variously ? (if i visit link from ticker in feed status bar is still as unread and vice versa – is possible join these statuses ? and similar what about check intervals and auto checking itself (feed status bar seem not to auto check if is not open what is not good but ticker can check feed in background so they show same feeds in different intervals … :( ) in other ways these two extensions are super and thx for them

  17. Alphaman says:

    Suggestion: on the Advanced tab, could you add units to help describe each field? e.g., What is “update frequency” — seconds? minutes? hours? What about Tick Speed? milliseconds? pixels per second? That would help a fair amount, I should think.

    Thanks for a great tool.

  18. Dennis Marks says:

    Originally the ticket did not show any icons. Now all of the icons are the RSS symbol. The feeds are from 2 different CNN feeds. Why the RSS symbol all of a sudden and why not the CNN symbol?

  19. Sunny says:

    Cool, i use google’s talk gadget in firefox’s sidebar, and when i “pop out” the gadget, RSS ticker runs in the gadget! :)

  20. Obi Bok says:

    OMG! I have just discovered that you can actually FF and REW if you just place the mouse pointer over the scroller and simply roll the mouse wheel! Thanks for that. This is really really good stuff.

  21. FrantaBezTrabanta says:


    great ticker, thanx.

    One error report: Sometimes it happens that it switches between rss feeds in period of one second and shows news titles without any horizontal movement, after going thru all of them, it continues with normal scrolling jobs.

    I have some suggestions on stuff to implement:

    User should be able to see rss news sorted by their release time, mixed from all news sources and not source after source like it is now.

  22. FrantaBezTrabanta says:

    And another functionality suggestion:
    User should be able to set how many times he wants to see the news titles. For example for me it is quite boring to see that the same news titles are still there. I am not going to read some news just to make them disappear.

  23. freeman says:

    to: Mark an item as read by Ctrl-clicking on it.
    please can you change it to middle click? it would be very usefull. i did it myself it was on line of code but i forgot where it was

  24. freeman says:

    also please can you set an option to limit maximum age of news? ihappens sometimes that some items are older than month

  25. Seems like even though I click “mark all as read”, every time I open the browser, the same old feeds keep showing up. I do have the “hide items I’ve already read” selected.

    Can anyone advise?

  26. fireman says:

    @Marc R.: You’re right. If you open a new browser window, all old feeds are displayed again. That makes RSS Ticker kind of useless for many cases.

  27. Drew Clear says:

    Feed icon does not show up for some feeds. This makes the feeds hard to separate. An example is CNN news. Great extension. Thanks.

  28. zombie says:

    Very useful extension, ive been using it for quite a while now and am quite pleased with it.

    I do have one suggestion though, some feeds dont display an icon which makes it a bit difficult to see where headlines begin and end, if their was a small space between them or perhaps an option for custom icons then the headlines would be much easier to read.

  29. Artifex says:

    Prior to RSS Ticker, I didn’t know what use RSS feeds were for. With this extension, I’m loving them and keep adding more and more live bookmarks! :-)

    But. I think I have the same problem as Matt above me, because whenever I’m watching an flv movie, e.g. at YouTube, and the RSS icon appears – and loads the ticker bar if there is any new feeds – the movie stutters considerably until the icon is gone. This is quite frustrating. Is there something you could do about it?

    Thank you for this extension! :-)

  30. scott says:

    This extension is great. I wish it had an Apply button so I could experiment with settings rather than having to reopen the Options dialog again and again. But mainly, I wish I could make the ticker double-height.

    The scary thing is that I have desperately been searching for a news ticker application, and tried many of them. Yet this Firefox extension works better than all the others I’ve tried. I rrrreally don’t want a ticker that is tied to my browser (I want it up all the time!), but what can you do…

  31. Ronin says:

    I love this extension… but have not been able to use it ever since I started using Minefield (Firefox 3). Can you please make it compatible with Minefield. Thank you so much.

  32. Walter says:

    This is a great extension, i’ve been using for nearly a year, it seemed like to perfect add-on to firefox! i became so accustom to having it there, that my browser now feels naked without it.

    Unfortunately, i’ve also been chasing serious performance issues with my computer for that same amount of time. CPU usage pegs at 100% and the computer starts performing worse than a 486. i tracked the issue back to firefox and more specifically to this extension.

    Please fix it! i’m going nuts not seeing news headline scrolling across the bottom of my screen, distracting me from doing my work!

  33. Osku says:

    I started using this extension after experiencing some difficulties with InfoRSS. RSSTicker seems to be very good but it has one quite disturbing feature.

    I wan’t to monitor all the RSS feeds once in a minute. This works just fine but the scroller position resets always when the feeds are updated. This is very annoying and happens even if you are pointing the heading with a mouse.

    Thank you for this great extension!

  34. StephanB says:

    thank you for this great little thing! It is simple, clear-cut, fairly easy to use, and almost exactly what I have been looking for.

    My only
    feature wish is: have three options for the

    item-status, i.e.
    “unread” (bold font),
    “opened” (standard font) (but show again next time I open Firefox)
    “never show again” (via context menu option)

    The only other thing: I go along with Alphaman’s
    Suggestion (June 6th):
    on the Advanced tab, could you add units to help describe each field? e.g., What is “update frequency” — seconds? minutes? hours? What about Tick Speed? milliseconds? pixels per second? …
    In short: just some few words more showing up on the Settings interface, and most of the questions in the above posts would be answered.

    Anyway: probably my favourite of the year (errmm,… along with Personal Menu)


  35. era says:

    Looks like Chris is not necessarily reading feedback here. I’m speculating heavilty here, but see if he posts something new in the “category” (hmm, no way to subscribe to an individual category as RSS, how convenient) if you want to post feedback.

    According to all option bugs should be fixed (but I still don’t see units on the dialog boxes, as requested in comment #24) and the code has been optimized somewhat (but I still had it kill my Firefox last night).

  36. james says:

    Excellent add on, but I am also experiencing CPU usage issues.

    It always used to use about 10% CPU, but then after an update to the google toolbar a few months ago, it started using 100% CPU constantly.

    I disabled the ticker and have been without, and missing it for the last few months.

    Disabling the google toolbar also solves the problem and puts CPU usage back to ~10% but I use the google toolbar a lot, although as I write this I am considering keeping it disabled and using the ticker again!!

    Hope this helps someone, and maybe goes towards fixing the problem if its a bug in the ticker and not a bug with the google toolbar.

    Keep up the good work!

  37. era says:

    I am a heavy user of tabs. I find that with many browser windows with many tabs open, this extension — sadly — is next to unusable. User-interface problems aside (the author apparently hasn’t considered the use case that you might have several Firefox windows open), the browser became so unresposive as to be nearly unusable, and eventually crashed during the night.

    Coincidentally, looks like the author is not monitoring comments here very actively. See if you can find a recent post in to respond to instead of posting anything here.

  38. Dragos says:


    First I would like to thank you for this great addon to Firefox. I would like however to ask you for a feature that would be very usefull to everybody that is using the rss ticker: add an option to make old and unread feed to dissapear anyway after an amount of time decided by the user in the Options panel (something like 1 day, 1 week, 30 minutes).

    Thank you and keep up the good work.


  39. Lynx says:

    Thanks for an excellent firefox plugin, just as a suggestion would it be possible for normal bookmarks to be addable to the ticker? So I could possibly have a mix of RSS news and regular bookmarks?

  40. Jenna says:

    I LOVE my RSS ticker… my boss doesn’t love it quite as much since I’m terribly ADD and end up ditching my work load to peek at my feeds.

    Anyway.. same request as #47. I end up with old posts and such quite a bit and it irritates me. Not that my personal feelings of irritation should concern you overly much, but just think about the poor engineers and developers I end up beating up when I’m irritated! Feel their pain!


  41. Jani says:

    This is very nice addon to Firefox. I use it for months. But still I do not understand “update frequency” ? When I put 1 it seems equal as I put 99. What are the limits. I want to have a high changing. Same question as 24 and 43 ?
    Regards, and keep up the good work

  42. Artifex says:

    In Fx3b1 and b2, the tooltips of the ticker entries are often too narrow, so that the tooltip text is cut off or wrapped making the tooltip very long vertically.

    Everything else seems to work, though! :-)

  43. Frank says:

    Could it be possible to have an option to link ‘mark as read’ under the third (middle) mouse button? That would make it even better.

  44. basti says:

    First thanks for this nice Extension!
    Is it possible to Change “right-Click” and “left-Click” to “read feed in new tab” and “mark as read”?
    Thanks and sorry for my bad english ;-)

  45. joe says:

    I’m also experiencing difficulty with the favicon…..on sites such as cnn, the icon doesn’t load in the ticker, although I know exists. Even more, inforss displays the cnn favicon in its feed! But I would much rather use rss ticker, it’s so simple and easy. Is there a workaround/fix for this?

  46. joe says:

    I’m also having the same trouble as others…..basically, the favicon don’t appear on some feeds like cnn, even though I know exists. What’s more, is that inforss displays cnn’s favicon in its ticker! But I’d much rather use rss ticker, it’s so much simpler and easier to use… there a workaround/fix for this?

  47. me says:

    Is there a way to “downgrade” to a previous version of this without getting constantly annoyed into updating it? It was working fine until ten minutes ago when I updated it, now the RSS icon that appears while it’s loading the feeds is a misshapen rectangle, and it makes Firefox’s cpu usage shoot up freezing my PC until the feeds are marked as read and disappear completely. Marking them as read isn’t easy either, as it’s causing Firefox to stop responding.

    This is the only RSS feed addon that’s actually worth using (in my opinon), but I have no intention of creating a new profile, or removing and reinstalling all my addons one at a time to find out what the conflict is. (That seems to be the only “support” I get whenever any addon causes a problem.) That’s fine, as I understand that you can’t test it with every combination of addons in existence, but I really don’t care enough to bother with that. I’d really just like it to work exactly the way it did until a few minutes ago, as it was perfect.

    Using the old one that worked fine is much better than removing it completely, but removing it completely is much better than me having to find out what’s wrong.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  48. kmel says:

    Same problem here!
    I updated to 2.0pre today. The option “Hide items you’ve already read’ is checked.
    But no new items appear… nothing. The RSS Ticker is hidden as if is empty. But I checked the feeds they are full of new items.

  49. Carabia says:

    I upgraded to RSS-ticker 2.0pre, and i have a slight problem with it. It only loads 3 of my 22 feeds, and just keeps loading, and loading, and loading, but nothing happens, it’s constantly at “3/22 feeds loaded”

  50. Lincoln says:

    This RSS-ticker 2.0pre is so far a great add-on FULL STOP I have encountered a problem though. When I view the feeds from the information week part of it gets cut off towards the right side. I have to guess what the actual sentence should read. Strangely though the summary continues into the next line leaving that right side of the sentence missing! Could you provide a solution for this? Keep up the excellent and I look forward to great developments. Peace…

  51. Carabia says:

    Okay, i fixed my own problem. I had 1 feed that was not functioning, so the ticker couldn’t load it (Firefox did load all but the one) I just deleted the not functioning one, and nwo all works fine.

  52. We at Unixservice would like to contribute some code to add date/time info to the summary (or other areas.) We need to be able to quickly view when RSS submitted items arrived.

  53. Marc Lucke says:

    RSS Ticker rocks! Love it. Well done. There’s only one thing I find annoying. Old news. I mark news as read, it disappears, but on my next Firefox session there it is again & all that is old is new again! I would also like the ability to say something like “don’t show me news that is older than days old” (because a 90 day old bulletin is old, not new!).

  54. me too says:

    I’m having the exact same problems as “me” described on February 29th.
    Please fix this. My best add-on suddenly became useless :-(

  55. Jason P.O. says:

    My problem with this excellent piece of Firefox extension is about its refresh/update frequency

    By default the Ticker Speed is 12, the Ticker Smoothness Speed is 200 and the Ticker Update Frequency is 30 (minutes). When I change the Update Freq., everything (still) works fine. When I also change the Ticker Speed en Smoothness Speed, RSS Ticker doesn’t refresh/update any longer. When I change Speed and Smoothness back to the default settings, RSS Ticker starts refresh/update again at the given Update Frequency. What I really want is: Ticker Speed = 1, Ticker Smoothness = 300, Ticker Update Freq. = 5 minutes. For me this combination is the best but RSS Ticker does not “accept” it for some reason. I’m using RSS Ticker 2.0.1.

  56. me as well says:

    I also have the very same problem as me and me too. It would be really nice if you could find a way to fix that, as the RSS Ticker is truly the best RSS extension for FF.

  57. me as well says:

    I, too, have the very same problem as me and me too. It would be really nice if you could find a way to fix that, as the RSS Ticker is truly the best RSS extension for FF.

  58. Another me says:

    I encountered the same problem as #56 kml: more than half of my feeds do not show up in the ticker any more, even when I see new articles in the live-bookmarks to be updated. BTW: Feed Sidebar shows the same defect.

    For all the disappointed: the old versions are available at – download the xpi – deinstall actual RSSTicker (2.x) – drag the xpi file into the Add-On dialog – restart.

    1.9.5 works fine for me :-)

  59. me again (#56) says:

    I’d like to thank “another me” (#69) for the link. Switching back to 1.9.5 has fixed the misshapen rss logo displayed while loading feeds, and the problem with FF freezing completely for minutes.

    Hopefully whatever is causing the problem will be fixed/changed back in a future version, but in the meantime I can at least continue to use it without having to enable/disable the addon.

    Many thanks. :)

  60. Faizan says:

    Hi, sorry if this isn’t the right place to post problems.

    Whenever I hover over the pulsating thingy at the top-right hand corner of my browser, it tells me “Loaded 9/16 feeds” and stops there. How can I get it to display all my feeds?

    A reply would be appreciated
    – you have my email address :D

    Other than that, cheers from the U.K in developing an ace add-on!

  61. Fabian says:

    It seems like that was my fault, sorry for any confusion. The feed address redirects to another one and that one does work in RSS Ticker, so this problem is solved for me. Firefox itself also works with the address given above though.

  62. marius says:

    First thanks for great ad-on.
    I have one problem: when I choose the third time “Open feed in new tabs” this opens ALL feeds and no only the chosen feed.
    And one suggestion: after “Open feed in new Tabs” is it possible to make the first opened tab active? As it is when you make “Open all in tabs” on the tabs order.

  63. Steve says:

    I love this add-on.

    It would be awesome if you had more then one feed you can view them as independent tickers stacked one above the other, each with there own controls.

  64. Keith says:

    Still works with Firefox 3 RC1, although there’s a slight problem with the way it displays the preview – the box is too big. Other than that, it’s perfect.

  65. N0 says:

    I’ve used the ticker in the past but uninstalled when I was having conflicts (don’t know if this ticker was the cause or not). Now I use the GoogleReader as my default rss adding device and that causes conflict when I want to add a subscription to my live bookmarks. But even when I try to add a subscription manually I am still out of luck because the bookmark folder will only let me have one item in it. It’s possible that I am doing something wrong, but i do have a bit of experience with this add-on (and others) and I’ve tried several ways to correct or work around the problem. All I haven’t tried is removing googlereader as my default adding mechanism but I don’t want to do that and that still shouldn’t create so much of a conflict or break other methods for adding rss subscriptions to my live bookmarks (which again only allows one site into the folder).

  66. Tom says:

    I would really love if this addon supported multiple tickers at variable speeds for up to about five feeds. I don’t like having more than one feed on the same ticker because it takes way too long to go through them all and restart from the beginning.

    Something else you may want to look into (though it isn’t terribly important) is the ability to click and drag the ticker back and forth. Or even just reverse and fast forward buttons on either end.

    This is one of my favorite addons because it’s so simply but incredibly useful so keep up the great work.

  67. Michael says:

    i really like you addon :)

    but i like to clear my Firefox history too … and then all feeds are “unreaded”

    would it be possible to clear the history but not the visited feeds?

    and another nice thing ;) …would it be possible to seperate the feeds … hmm … like they are in the folders ;)

    + Feed A
    |- News 1
    |- News 2
    + Feed B
    |- News 1

    Feed A: News 1 News 2 | Feed B: News 1 |

    something in that way … i dont know how to explain that in english

  68. Charles says:

    Great add-on … thanks.

    Needs a [x] button on each scrolling item to mark an item as read with a single Left Mouse Button click or perhaps a Middle Mouse Button click to mark an item as read would be better for some … Control + Left Mouse Button method requires both hands to accomplish this very frequent task.

  69. Greg says:

    Works brilliantly with FF3. Many thanks for the effort.

    On request for an enhancement; make middle click an alternative for “Rark as read”.

  70. lukas says:


    thanks for having such a nice ad-on all the time surfing with ff 2…unfortunatly, its not working with the newest version (3.0)…could it be a problem caused by an “regional-browser-version”?

    when i try to install, a box pops up and says that this ad-on is not compatible with ff3…

    viele grüße aus deutschland…

  71. Hello,
    I’m using RSS ticker (and it’s a great add-on) since the old 1.9 version)

    Now I’m back to the 2.0.2 version since the new 2.0.3 is unable to display the preview of the news when you put the mouse pointer on the scrolling item.

    Despite this new bug (?) it’s a great add-on. I’m no more able to use Firefox without it

    I’m using Firefox on a Linux system ( but this bug occurs also on the RSS Ticker for Firefox on WinXP )

  72. Ben says:

    Could a feature be added to allow each feed to have a separate update time? Such that feeds that updated frequently could be checked more often and less frequent ones would be spared the server load; this could be either manual or something very fancy and automatic could be implemented based on average hits found when updating.

  73. Magius says:

    Great add-on. Two requests, if they are not possible already:
    – Option to change the background and font colors.
    – Some feeds have pictures in them, but I have not seen this add-on pick them up yet.

    In any case, thank you for your work!

  74. tripleArated says:

    since a few days ago (don’t know exactly) my rss ticker doesn’t work anymore, doesn’t show anything. if i place it below status bar there comes nothing, if i place it below bookmark toolbar it shows an empty space. feed update icon stays busy all the time. de- + re-installing and trying out dozens of different settings and options didn’t help.
    does anybody else have these problems?
    is there any known problem in interaction with other add-ons?
    i have ABP, CS Lite, external IP, fireuploader, Fireshot, Flagfox, flashblock, IE Tab, Image zoom, LastTab, Layerblock, LinkAlert, NoScript, PicLens, ShowIP, UnWrapText, WOT…. on vista home premium.
    all of these worked with rssTicker before, no problems, no major changes, some updates lately.

    any ideas? who can help? i like this ticker a lot, don’t want to be without it


  75. tripleArated says:

    ok, i got it!
    it’s LAYERBLOCK, an addon that blocks annoying layer ads which nomally can’t be blocked by APB.
    layerblock seems to be a bit too mighty, interprets rssTicker as layer ad, hmpf.
    well, i deactivated layerblock for now, gonna contact its author to see if this issue can be solved.
    so long, have a nice day, tripleArated

  76. Steve says:


    Great Add-on. It took me ages trying different RSS feed readers to find one that did exactly what I wanted.

    I haven’t had any problems with it at all, but wondered whether you had any plans to include the following:

    1) Configurable right/middle click behaviour. (such as mark as read on middle click etc)
    2) Ability to drag ticker forwards and backwards.
    3) Ability to synchronise read items across multiple machines, so when marked read on one, is known to be read on another.

    Great plugin again.

  77. Mr. Nobody says:

    Nice addon!
    I’d like to see a more traditional ticker look if you could rig that up somehow with a bunch of dots that light up (yellow, green or multicolor even?)… it gives a bad flicker effect on my slow LCD screen. Unfortunately the un-smooth movement is also hard to read for some reason.

    I think this was mentioned before, but I’d also like to see the ability to organize the feeds more than just 1 line.

    It’s good as is, though… better than a lot out there.

  78. misirac says:

    RSS Ticker is great extension! But…
    I’m using RSS Ticker v1.9 in Firefox Version 2.x also have tooltip bug in, so I reverted to 1.9.
    And, RSS Ticker doesn’t work in Flock – I think it cannot see bookmarks (in Flock they are called Favorites). Is it possible somehow to make it work in Flock?


  79. Ian says:

    RSS ticker is great.
    I can now use RSS to search for and watch eBay items. Mousing over shows current bid and auction end time – brilliant!
    It would be useful if the options could be changed so that:
    * Un-read items shown in bold
    * Read items not bold
    * Read items I’m no longer interested in can be right clicked and hidden

    Thanks again.

  80. paul says:

    i love the sound of this, but its missing two important features, the ability to filter rss feed results to include/exclude certain keywords.


  81. Jonathan says:

    I would second what Paul says (comment 102). I would love to see that feature. Even better would be not to use keywords, but regular expressions. That way I could really control what could be included in the ticker.

    Overall though, great work! IMHO, this is the best way to deal with feeds.

  82. hal says:

    Great applet, really flexible and functional. Consider adding double-tickers (like the one you see on CNBC, with two halves, one faster than the other). Also another useful thing is if you allow the ticker to be moveable around Firefox. Keep up the good work!

  83. JDxx76 says:

    Any future plans to add option for dual tickers? Top and Bottom. How about being able to scroll through the ticker faster with the cursor…grab and scroll/throw?

    Oh, BTW…thanks. A Great Time Saver – Now I can Multitask better with this extension!

  84. cap_carrot says:

    Fabulous extension! Love it! Reliable, intuitive and flexible interface, easy on the screen real-estate while providing quick dig-down capabilities for interesting feeds: this one has it all!

    I just have one/two little feature suggestion for future versions: ability to pick a custom favicon per feed, and/or ability to specify custom font colours/backgrounds for specific feeds. Some of the feeds I subscribe to just use the generic RSS favicon, or no favicon at all, so to see who the feed is from when they’re all mixed up I have to hover over the text…which isn’t a big deal, but you know how it is, ‘it sure would be nice if…’

    Please consider this as just a suggestion to help make this fantastically useful addon even more excellent!

    thanks for the super-awesome plug-in!
    captain carrot

  85. Armin says:

    I totally love it. Simple and to the point!

    Feature Request:

    However I just added my Twitter RSS. So it would be great to have an optional black or whitelist (switchable) with patterns to filter some messages (different per feed) ;)


  86. Keano says:

    Any chance of you adding a feature of date based feeds or an hour range? So lets say I only want feeds no more than 12 hours ago, or 24 hours ago, or only feeds that relate to the current day.

  87. Hi, I’m from Chile and just love RSS Ticker. I’ve been using it for about 6 months already. The only problem that I have is that everytime I delete my cache + cookies + history + temp files, I start to see all the feeds all over again.

    Is there a fix for that?

    Thanks in advance.

    p.s. it would be great to be notified about new comments for your posts… maybe you shpuld give it a chance for your readers.

  88. hal says:

    Also we need to be able to set the order in which feeds are displayed.. current version (2.0.3) seems to follow the order in which feeds were added to the list, and the only way to re-order is to delete all feeds and add one by one as we want.. a small but important fix.. move-up/move-down buttons in the feeds tab would do.. thanks

  89. I didn’t have any answer for a very important issue. I just finished cleaning cache again, and I have to read every single feed again :(

    I’m not using RSS Ticker anymore. Try Wizz Reader for Firefox.


  90. Michael says:

    This extension works perfectly and does exactly what I have been looking for. In fact I am a little puzzled about the warning of a “tooltips bug” in Firefox 3 because my version is 3.04 and I see no evidence of a bug at all. I tried a few other feed readers and this is so much better that I can’t see why any others thrive at all.

    I suppose everyone has a little tweak they would like to see, so here is mine. I would like to be able to temporarily halt scrolling if an item is shown that interests me but at an instant when I am otherwise busy. I know I could just click on it, causes a new tab to open (in my configuration), and then quickly return to what I was doing, but it would be a nice improvement if, for example, a right-click on the ticker would freeze/unfreeze it. I am pretty sure that would be simple to implement. Alternatively, but not as good, this option could be added to the context menu.

    Anyway, thanks for a great enhancement to my browsing pleasure.

  91. Mike says:

    I have a suggestion about its use of the history; I would like to have it able to modify Firefox’s management of history items (so that it dosn’t remove them when the expiration date is reached or when the user clears private data,) or have the ticker have its own personal history of read feed items.

    Thanks for the RSS ticker, it’s made it a lot easier to stay on top of new updates. :D

  92. toom says:

    hi, great tool! i enjoy it. nice work! thanks

    however, when i read the feeds, it disapered, (wich is fine).
    but they all comes back, when i reboot firefox later in the day.
    so i can’t see the newest feed.

    sorry for my bad english,
    hope you cand work’ on it till the next update.

    firefox 3.0.4, rss ticker 2.0.3, macosx 10.5.4

  93. Simon says:

    I love the RSS Ticker so much. It’s just that it would be a lot better if you would let us scroll the text not just horizontally but also vertically.

  94. Alu says:

    Very nice tool, but i cant say “dont update Feeds on Firefox start”
    i have about 20 Feeds and the RSS ticker slows down the Firefox-start extremely

  95. Benji says:

    I love RSS Ticker and i’m using it on 3 computers.
    Win XP 64bit and Vista 32bit, both with no issues and on a Mac OSX 10.5.6 on a 1.8Ghz 2GBRAM Airbook.

    The Airbook slows down to a crawl when ever i have a feed updated and scrolled.
    reading all the feeds fixes the problem but at this point i had to disable it.

    Any idea how this can be fixed?

    Thanks and keep up the great work! :)

  96. SVetter says:

    Hi – Very nice add-in – Really like this… Runs with no hitches in FF 3.0.7.

    Let me echo two notes above:

    Michael in November – Would be nice to have a Pause/Go button in the ticker bar to temporarily halt the ticker (without having it disappear).

    Tom in May – would be nice to have multiple ticker instances, each with its own ticker controls & feed list.


  97. WhACKO says:

    Great plugin!

    Can you make the middle mouse button just mark the item as read without opening it?

    So far no problems, running on Firefox 3.1b3, keep up the good work !

  98. joe says:

    thanks for this amazing application.

    Was just thinking how nice it would be to have to option to close the bar with double mouse click… thanks!

  99. Kevin Dickerson says:

    Been using the plugin for quite some time in Windoz FF, but I have recently migrated over to ubuntu, which has a minor issue. The favicon is now half the height but still the same width, is this a problem within ubuntu or the plugin??

  100. Zedo Mann says:

    I’m having a problem. The RSS icon appears, but it never does anything. When I hover over it, it just says: “Finding Feeds” My feeds are in my Bookmarks toolbar.

  101. Xavier says:

    Great addon, I’ve been using it for a while. Unfortunately it has a major impact on Firefox’s performance. I noticed with multiple RSS feeds and while using the scrolling marquee seems to have a major CPU impact. I’ve reduced the number of feeds and the frequency to help, but is there anything we can do to resolve this? The only other options I would love to suggest is color coding the feeds or some other type of identifier.

    Thank you!

  102. Miguel says:

    Love this add-on it keeps me informed. Is there a way to prevent feeds in marked as read come back when you re-start Firefox?

  103. Ed says:

    This is the best add-on from the whole list of FF add-ons. One hitch, I can’t add my own feeds to the list of feeds. Is this the bug you are referring to?

  104. Peter says:

    at first i think this is a great addon. Works really good.

    But i would suggest a little closing button on each feed entry, because removing many messages using the context menu is really annoying and takes a lot of time.
    I subscribe a feed with about 50 messages a day and the last 4 days are in the feed. But i am only interested in about 50% of this messages so i have to remove 25 a day or i have to read them for the next 4 days.
    Would be very kind if you a this to your features list.

    thx a lot

  105. Mark says:

    I am having the same prob as jennkei on the comments page (see below)
    I have 4 feeds, set to display 2 items per feed, update frequency = 5 mins, using FF v3.5, I mark a number of feeds as read, leave FF running, then come back later (10 Mins) and they are all back. Otherwise it is a prefect product.

    by jennkei on January 2, 2009
    Good idea, but didn’t work for me. :S It kept showing me ultra old posts (some from January 2008! And no, the blog had been updated many times since that)… Even when I mark all as read, they come back later…with the old posts. :S

  106. Karl says:

    I have the same problem:
    # Miguel Says:
    June 22nd, 2009 at 8:59 am

    Love this add-on it keeps me informed. Is there a way to prevent feeds in marked as read come back when you re-start Firefox?

  107. feasible says:

    Good morning and great work with the software. This morning I upgraded to 3.0 and the first thing I noticed is that the frequency to check the feeds no longer has the capability to go down to 1 minute? Please bring this back! Thanks!

  108. sebarashii says:

    Hi there!

    First of all, I’m a huge fan, using the ticker to follow about 25 news feeds. Thank you for your work!

    However, since the update to version 3.0, the feeds don’t move any more. The ticker loads all of them, but then freezes, displaying the first one. I’m using the Ubuntu version of Firefox 3.5 (Siretoko). Maybe you could just provide a download for a previous version of you ticker? These used to work…

    Thanks again,

  109. Another Chris says:

    I use the ticker daily and have found it dependable. I would have only great things to say about it, except for a couple nit-picky details :)

    The ticker is never ‘smooth’ on my browser, even in this latest 3.0.1 version. There is always a little stop-start thing going on with it .. herky-jerky like. I know it will take you a little more effort, but I know that you could find a way to truly smooth out the motion. I know Windows is capable of that, because things like Flash Play run smooth and beautiful.

    I noticed that your new update frequency slider, down on the 10 minute end, is more like 10 seconds. I have over 80 feeds sliding by, and it keeps cycling through refreshing the feeds at that setting, and it onlys takes a minute to refresh all 80 feeds. I pushed the slider to the right some and got it to wait a few minutes between refreshes, but there is no way to know what the interval I chose is.

    Thanks for the add-on!

  110. AMAZING TICKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS DUDE

    is it possible to have RTL instead of LTR for language thats written from right to left?

    Best Regards,

  111. Roar349 says:

    Just moved to Firefox 3.5.3 but can no longer get the menu from right-clicking on to Ticker. Makes it difficult to clear stories.

  112. Forgive me for not reading through all these comments to see if someone has already mentioned my ideas. ;)
    I just thought of a few things that would be nice improvements to this addon.

    1. A play/pause button. If there were a single toggle button on either end of the toolbar (user could choose which end) which I could use to stop/start the scrolling, I would feel less pressure to open all the articles I want to read, faster than I can read them. I would be able to open some, pause the ticker, read those, close them, and restart the ticker, to avoid having a gazillion tabs open at once. ;)

    2. Multiple bars. If I could make multiple ticker bars with each bar having its own set of feeds to display, I could keep the items separated by topic or category. Each bar could also have a text label on either end, which the user could customize, to give each bar a name so the user remembers what each bar is about. Said label could also be shown or hidden.

    3. Dates in tooltips. If the tooltip for each item would show the date the item was published, I would have a better idea of which items are old and which are new.

    4. Better feed selection mechanism. The current mechanism is a bit unwieldy and non-standard. Possible ideas for this: a tree-style display of bookmark folders, each with checkboxes to the left of them, such that the user would show/hide entire folders of live bookmarks (with the ability to enable/disable recursing of subfolders); or, a mechanism similar to the existing one, except the disabled feeds would not be shown in the list, and feeds would be enabled (added to the list) by selecting them in a dialog box (which could house a tree-style listing or a flat listing) that would pop up upon clicking “Add”.

    5. A way to synchronize feed settings. This could be accomplished by inserting data into the “Keyword” and/or “Tag” field(s) of each bookmark (because Xmarks does include those fields in its sync data). Data to be inserted would somehow indicate the status of the feed (shown/hidden) and, if point 2 above were implemented, which feed bar the feed should appear in. This datum could be the basis for the separation of bars: bars would be created when a live bookmark is found with a certain bar designation, and any others with the same designation would also show up in the same bar. Said designation could also represent the text label of the bar.
    So, an enabled live bookmark (say, a CNN feed) could have the tag “rt-News”, where “rt-” identifies it as a parameter belonging to this addon, and “News” would be the title of the bar it should appear in.
    Also, a disabled comment could be identified by having no tag beginning with “rt-“.
    The factory-default behavior could be to tag each feed with “rt-Default”, or maybe even just “rt-“.

    Also, I’m not having the problem the above commenter mentioned, FWIW.

  113. mitch says:


    wunderful piece of Software. Thx!

    My idea for improving:
    if I have seen the short version by “tooltip” over the feed, I decide to read it completly or not. So it is “read” for me. Can you make, that this feed-news (singular) dissapear, if I have choosen “hide read messages”?

    This would increase the useabillity of this wunderful software.

    Thx in advance,
    sincerly yours,

  114. Júlio Souza says:

    I think you could add two features:

    – Add to the context menu an option to a feed: ‘mark as unread’ while clicking with right mouse button in the context menu. Sometimes, i accidentaly click in a feed and this would work to undo the mistake.
    – Add the functionality to assign a .ico file to a feed as a favicon. This could facilitate the identification of a news source in the scroll bar.


  115. Paul says:

    Doesn’t appear to work in Firefox 3.5.5 The bar shows up at the bottom but none of the 18 bookmarks I have on my bookmark bar appear.

  116. mike says:

    at random whenever i am watching flash videos online, the ticker slows down to an almost standstill. once i pause or tab away. the ticker returns to normal speed? why is this?

  117. Sapfeer says:

    RSS ticker has some troubles with viewing feed icons: it shows some feeds with right icons and some with not and it makes it more difficult to recognize which feed some particular headlines relate

  118. gadder says:

    Thanks for the ticker. It works very well for me.

    I agree with another poster(s). “Is there any way you could display not one, but several scrolling lines (say: up to 5?) at once?”

    Thank you.

  119. IvaN says:

    It would be nice if the RSS Ticker could refresh every 15 seconds for time sensitive things. I just moved to Las Vegas to look for work and I can’t afford furniture. People are always trying to see what’s being given away to sell at the swap meet, I would like to beat them to it.

    I hope you take my request into consideration. Thanks :)

  120. Elias says:

    Hi, this is an indispensable addon for every Firefox installation I make but there’s a small glitch I’ve noticed: Whenever I play flash videos in a webpage they have an extremely choppy playback dropping frames all the time. If I pause my mouse over an item on the RSS Ticker and make it halt, the Flash video plays fine. My PC is quite powerful (1 month old and has v good specs) so it doesn’t look like a performance issue…

  121. Mistress Winters says:

    It’s a nice idea, but I think it needs more work. Refreshing the feed often doesn’t show articles which have been published, also it doesn’t seem to register when things are read, or marked as read. I have checked the tick box in the options to hide articles once read, but it doesn’t work.

  122. Donau says:

    After update to 3.1 the options-dialog doesn’t work, there is only an window: “XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: Nicht definierte Entität
    Adresse: chrome://rss-ticker/content/options.xul
    Zeile Nr. 71, Spalte 6:

  123. love love love this addon. All it’s missing is a “refresh all” button and a “suspend” button. When I’ve disabled it in the past (various reasons), when I turn it back on everything in every feed shows up as unread.

    With the latest update it seems like things aren’t getting marked as read properly. Dunno if that’s just me or not.

  124. Zoran says:

    I agree with john. With the last update the same feeds keep showing up despite having marked them as “read”.

  125. sg says:

    Please Christopher,
    could you mind to improve the RRS Ticker by adding the option to show a (small) separator between different feed (a little block or anything else).
    This option could help to locate the start and the end of a group or when several feeds show the same favicon and you would like to mark the whole feed as read.

  126. anxiouape says:

    Please please add Google Reader support to sync RSS feeds list!

    I use RSS Ticker despite slight issues of slowdown because it’s worth the trade off. Is it possible to use H/W acceleration by this addon? Just a wild suggestion.

    Keep up the good work!

  127. lstcyh says:

    It is a very good ticker I have used.
    However, I have found a little inconvenient place. When the RSS ticker is updating, the RSS ticker activity indicator icon appears at the end of the toolbar, and my toolbar and address bar are on the same row. Thus when I want to click the icon of Read It Later or firefox star to mark the address often I made a mistake. I think as a user I don’t care whether the Rss ticker is updating. So do you think you may cancel the RSS ticker activity indicator?

  128. Francesco says:

    I cannot use anymore a browser without RSS Ticker, it’s fundamental!! Build it for Chrome also, please !

  129. NasaRacer says:

    What he said below!! Another vote to remove the ticker activity indicator. Thanks

    It is a very good ticker I have used.
    However, I have found a little inconvenient place. When the RSS ticker is updating, the RSS ticker activity indicator icon appears at the end of the toolbar, and my toolbar and address bar are on the same row. Thus when I want to click the icon of Read It Later or firefox star to mark the address often I made a mistake. I think as a user I don’t care whether the Rss ticker is updating. So do you think you may cancel the RSS ticker activity indicator?

  130. NasaRacer says:

    Icon issue here too … I have some feeds with no icons coming through as well. That would be another nice issue to resolve. Thanks again. Chris

  131. Xybernauts says:

    Really nice RSS Ticker. Best one for Firefox. It’d be nice though if their was an option to make a solid background behind the ticker. I use the personas themes add-on for Firefox. Sometimes the color of my Firefox theme doesn’t contrast well with the ticker making the ticker hard to read. It’s really annoying because I can’t choose the themes I want to use. I’m limited to the ones that contrast well with the ticker. If there was an option where you could choose a solid color to place in the background of the ticker that’d be awesome. There would still be a transparent option of those who want it, but there would also be a solid background which allow you to chose the color of the background as well. Also, it’d be nice to be able to chose the font and font size as well. But again, great program. Thanks alot.

  132. Xybernauts says:

    I just thought of something else. See my previous post for first part.

    Perhaps in addition to being able to control the color of the background maybe there could be an option to control the opacity of the background as well. The transparent aspect of the ticker is cool, but it shouldn’t be 100% transparent because the theme on the browser doesn’t always contrast well with the tickers font color.

  133. Anonymous says:

    “open in an new window” don’t work. it is not possible to add it to the context menu.
    in the previous version it was incorrectly too.
    in “rssticker.prefs.js” is the funktion on false.

  134. djomka says:

    Hi, after updating to the latest rss ticker many cyrilic (some russian and serbian)and central european characters (polish and hungarian)can’t be shown. i was trying to change encoding in firefox but it doesn’t help

  135. flinder says:

    RSS-Ticker is the most used extension for me, because it is alwas there :-)

    I realy like your extension, but no I have switched to Chrome and I miss exactly one thing: RSS-Ticker!

    Maybe you can port RSS-Ticker to Chrome Browser in the Future? Otherwise I will alway miss you ;-)

    And there is a second thing I always missed. Maybe it is possible to implement the Google Reader Acount, so that I have the same feeds and status in Google Reader, on my Android Phone and in RSS-Ticker.


  136. cp says:

    Sometimes I disable the ticker because I need to work and I don’t want the distraction. But to re-enable I have to go all the way into the preferences dialog! Really, really needs a way of re-enabling with the right-click menu.

  137. eissen says:

    Congratulation for the nice firefox add on..
    I agree with poster 129 that a closing feature for an item would be helpful. Perhaps the middle mouse key or like in the tabs of FF a closing X.
    Kind regards

  138. Raj says:

    Hey, thanks for this! I’ve been using it for a long time and I still love it.

    I have a request: is it possible to include a feature to block certain words in an RSS item? For example, I love subscribing to Slate because of the articles, but ads always come up on my feed as “Advertisement.” If there was a way to block that word, then my feed would look cleaner. For now, I try clicking on them and then closing them, but they always come back up.

  139. fabian says:


    i faced the problem, that when i reinstalled the plugin, the old feeds are still there and i can not add new ones or delete the old ones…guess, it has to do with some user rights, and i tried to figure out, where your plugin stores its URLs, but i couldn’t find anything in the user data…so could you give a hint, which file the feed URLs contains? would be kind…thanks!

    and kudos to you programme anyway!

    all the best from berlin,


  140. jim says:

    hello, is it possible to put the bar above the status bar, if so how, by modifying a file? Thank you for your help. sorry I’m french.


    bonjour, est il possible de mettre la bar au dessus de la barre d’etat, si oui comment faire, en modifiant un fichier? Merci de votre aide. desole je suis francais.

  141. pstrg says:

    Happy to note that RSS Ticker is working with 4.0.
    However, ticker speed, even at the maximum setting, became very slow.

  142. mcdasu says:

    In Firefox 4, I had to disable the ticker in order to add a live bookmark. With the ticker on you could click subscribe to this page over and over and all it would do is reload the page. The little dialog box that allows you to choose the location and name the live bookmark would not come up.

  143. daff says:

    I found a bug in version 4.1. Using Firefox 4 and Win7 x64. Also tested Firefox 3.6 with WinXP x32. I have the German version of RSS-Ticker installed, so I don’t know the exact names.
    In the settings menu, under the third tab (“context menu” ?) the “open in new tab” – check-box does not work. On a right-click on the ticker, the entry still appears.

    I’m a former user of InfoRSS, which doesn’t work officially with FF4 and is also very slow. In that add-on there exists the possibility to easily mark headlines as read and remove it from the ticker with a single right-click on it.
    I’d also like to have this feature in rssticker – maybe with another key or in combination with alt or ctrl or so.

  144. Raj says:

    I have a request: is it possible to include a feature to block certain words in an RSS item? For example, I love subscribing to Slate because of the articles, but ads always come up on my feed as “Advertisement.” If there was a way to block that word, then my feed would look cleaner. For now, I try clicking on them and then closing them, but they always come back up.

  145. Marcase says:

    Great add-on!

    However, I too have the same problem where I can’t *remove* feeds; tried un/re-installing several times, no luck.

    Can I remove the feeds outside of Firefox 4?

    I really want it back, but it is useless (and annoying!) with this bug.


  146. Don says:

    I love RSS Ticker but as of the last update (RSS Ticker w Firefox 3.6.16) my ignore/show list keeps resetting!

    While I have dozens of feeds but only want to “watch” a few, and resetting the list every few launches is just maddening.

    Please help! Thanks.

  147. jetset says:

    Have been using this useful tool for quite some time. NOW having issues with DEACTIVATING some feeds. Seems like the “rss-ticker.ignore.txt” is useless at the moment.

    Whenever I restart firefox, your tool reads ALL feeds, also those I deactivated. Only workaround is to go to the addon tab and deactivate them every single time after a restart -quite nerve wracking!!
    Hope a fix comes soon, otherwise have to uninstall….

    THX for your work anyway!!

  148. jetset says:

    OOOH YES … shortly after leaving my comment found the link of V7 in earlier post …
    Seems to work as it should – GREAT!!!

  149. Hi,
    I have been using RSS ticker developed by you. Its a great add-on. Recently I upgraded to FireFox 4.0.1 and observed excessive flicker in the screen. After disabling/enabling addons I was able to identify the cause, RSS Ticker. Please do something about it. Many thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

  150. chris says:

    Hi..I love this addon..I’m new to firefox 4…thing is I just don’t see anything that says live bookmarks anywhere and when I click on the RSS buttons I get all the other question is how do I set something in live bookmarks…no I’m not

  151. Lloyd says:

    I have enjoyed using RSS Ticker with both Firefox 3.6.17 and I am accessing 5 newspapers and although it took a bit of fiddling, easily figured out how to manage the feeds.

    But I’m wondering why I’m still seeing old headlines from more than a week ago from such sites as the New York Times, where I’m sure that the feeds should have been refreshed more recently. However, I also see feeds from today. Very puzzling.

  152. Chris says:

    I´m using RSS Ticker 8 with FF 4.0.1. If new feeds are shown, FF gives a system load around 50% and more on a core2duo E4500.

  153. Sem says:

    When I start firefox the ‘bar’ at bottom of firefox remains when empty instead of disappearing (‘hide ticker when empty’ always selected)..?

  154. Darren says:

    I’d PAY for a chrome extension. Firefox has gone to hell.
    Chrome is faster, cleaner and is exactly what Firefox WAS.
    But I’m addicted to your ticker and until I have a replacement for Chrome, I’m stuck sucking up half my processor and 150MB of memory just to run FF.

  155. Michael says:

    Please add possibility to right-click on the title to get it removed from the list. This feature in InfoRSS is very useful. I need no context menu. Just left click to open the topic, right one to delete it.

  156. Jim says:

    This addon is seriously awesome. Thank you for putting it out there. I rarely find myself actually going to a website to get news. But with this addon I can just subscribe to my favorite sites and see interesting articles while I am going about my life or work.

    This addon is absolutely the only reason that I still use FireFox.
    PLEASE PLEASE make a CHROME version!!!!!!!

    Anyway nice work here, and thanks again.

  157. Ben says:

    > Please add possibility to right-click on the title to get
    > it removed from the list. This feature in InfoRSS is very useful.

    I second that. This the only feature that inhibits me to switch FF 3.6/InfoRSS to FF7/this great plugin. Just found the note about Ctrl+Click, but i.e. offering additionally middle Mouseclick to marking/closing the blog entry would be convenient and in sync with the existing behaviour of closing browser tabs.


  158. EvilHom3r says:

    Ever since updating to 9 I’ve been continuously getting a popup asking me to opt in to your URL collection program. It isn’t often, maybe once every day or so, but it is annoying.

    I’m assuming this is a bug since any sane developer would know that users would dislike this behavior. I’m running Firefox 3.6.22 on Windows 7 64bit. At the very least it’d be nice to have an option as a workaround to completely disable the popup, even if it’s hidden in about:config.

  159. Rick Stoyles says:

    Thank you for the recent update (v1.4.1)

    I’ve been using infoRSS ever since you put out the first copy way back. I’ve continued to modify the install.rdf for each version you released. This allow me to add infoRSS to “every” version of Firefox on the Internet. I’ve searched for years for something like this for Chrome, and I can tell you, your add on is unique, and the best.

    infoRSS is the main reason I stick with firefox, it’s my one and only MUST HAVE addon’s

  160. Andrej says:

    I have also these CPU problems under 64bit Linux and Firefox 8 with RSS Ticker 9.
    It seems for me to be an issue of the “smoothening” function. If I choose to have a less smooth moving of the ticker, the CPU usage goes down.
    Maybe you can do some optimizations …
    Thanks …

  161. Lammy says:

    Hi There,

    Excellent Addon!

    I use feeds that require authentication – any chance that the ticker could save the credentials so it doesn’t prompt me for each one when I open FF?

    thanks again on you great work.

  162. Sothe says:

    Hiya, thanks for the great ticker. For the first time I’ve found RSS feeds useful, before this, the idea of loading a separate program to check feeds seemed a waste of my time, but bringing a ticker to my browser makes RSS suddenly a very useful tool, and in less than two days I am already relying on your Ticker to bring me news instead of visiting sites.

    I have one tiny “bug” that I would love to have fixed in your next update if possible.

    Is it possible to change the “item width” to be the maximum of a range, rather than a fixed width? Sometimes headlines are smaller than the range, and it leaves large spaces. This tiny tweak would make the ticker seem more efficient in it’s display, IMO.

    Either way, thank you for this addon, its great.

  163. BrunoF says:

    I always used Firefox, and used RSS-Ticker for a long time. Best RSS reader ever. Simple, functional, greatly configurable… it’s just great.
    I changed to Chrome because Firefox was hanging too much, and there are almost no RSS support for Chrome (not even the in-built option of saving an RSS on the Bookmarks, like Firefox has).
    I dwelt with that for a long time, until I got a so-so RSS reader, which was a pain to configure, and lost a lot of updates. Until the day that Chrome started hanging.
    Now I’m using Chrome portable on work, and Firefox at home. Chrome is better for me now, but I won’t change to Chrome. Not until I find a great RSS reader for it.

    Please, as the other numerous requests, port it to Chrome! Make me dump Firefox again!!!

  164. Anonymous says:

    For the longest time I wouldn’t give up Firefox for Google Chrome just because your extension was so critical for me.

    But Google has come a long way, I had to say Goodbye to Firefox, and hello to Chrome. I really miss your RSS ticker. Please consider bringing it to Google’s Chrome browser as well!

  165. anonymous says:

    Well, its an excellent idea, a must have addon and it works fine on firefox 10 windows 7 32 bits.
    it kills the cpu under firefox on ubuntu 11 32bits (had to disable it).

    Very good job though.

  166. Mario says:

    Is it possible that the feeds are always open immediately in the tab?

    Can you please install this feature.

    best regards

  167. drax says:

    Have you considered making a multi-ticker option? It would be nicer if it trivial things weren’t occupying the same space as news.

    That and releasing how many feeds this thing can handle, exactly. Just for curiosity’s sake.

  168. tripleee says:

    I like this add-on a lot. However, I have a minor problem. I typically keep multiple Firefox windows open, and I find that the ticker does not sync well across browser windows. (A lot of Firefox plug-ins have this sort of problem, by the way.) For example, when I open a new window, it will initially not display a ticker at all, although the ticker area is displayed at the bottom of the window. And when mark an item as read in one window, it will continue to display in the ticker in other windows, at least for a while. It would be useful if all windows shared the information about what to display at any given moment.

  169. Kay says:

    Nice add-on. Please add the following features:
    – Display feeds without scrolling. The constant movement distracts from reading the current web page. Move ticker contents with the mouse wheel instead (while mouse pointer hovers over ticker).
    – Mark as read with one click. E.g. possibility to disable right click context menu in favor of this feature. Or use middle click.
    These features are implemented by infoRSS. They enable efficent work with the ticker news.

  170. pingshu says:


  171. sachin says:

    thanks for this awesome stuff, are you planning to make this compatible with firefox 10 ?
    it stopped working after firefox 10 upgrade.

  172. Christopher, I sent you a private email with many changes to the RSS Ticker addon. I’m not sure if you read that email or if you read this comment. I hope you did it.

  173. Pasq says:

    Absolutely brilliant! BUT, stopped working for me on the latter versions of Firefox Nightly builds… Can you confirm this is not a personal vendetta towards me? ^^P
    Thanks a lot!

  174. Jenny says:


    Can we have font size selection? I like to have the option to have bigger size scrolling feed texts on a bigger strip.

    The only scrolling ticker for firefox i can find it seemed and you have done a fine job.


  175. Worm says:

    So is this going to continue to take so long to ping all my feeds? This addon was one of the few things keeping me on Firefox and this recent update has made it a lot slower.

  176. Brian says:

    Can you bring back the option to resize how much each item takes up? Some of my feeds have really long headlines and take up almost the whole width of the screen. Other than that RSS Ticker has been perfect.

    Thanks a lot.

  177. Empty says:

    Love the Ticker, been using it for a long time.

    One thing though: I keep it at the top of the browser and it has always been
    located above the address bar. (glitch maybe?)

    I love it in that location, but recently it returned to it’s “official” location below the
    address bar (under the bookmarks toolbar)

    Any chance you could add an option to place it above the address bar?

    Come on… think about it!

    Keep up the good work.


    • Any chance you could add an option to place it above the address bar?

      Ideally, I’d like to make it possible so you could just drag the ticker to wherever you want it. I’ll probably work on that rather than adding a setting to put it in each spot manually.

  178. Anonymous says:

    Can you bring back the option to limit the amount of items displayed from a feed? I’m not sure why you decided to get rid of so many options but the ability to customize was one of the things I loved about this add-on.

  179. Anonymous says:

    Everytime i restart firefox it seems to not remember what ive read now evertime i open it i get ever single rss feed spammed into the ticker. ONLY STARTED HAPPENING WITH THE NEWEST CRAPPY ASS UPDATE

    • That’s not very nice language :-(

      Do you clear your history every time Firefox shuts down? If so, that’s why. Consider using a Private Window for when you don’t want your history saved so that RSS Ticker can use Firefox’s history to tell which items have already been read.

      • JSokol says:

        That is making this addon useless… :/
        I was using RSS-Ticker for a long time, but in new version it’s horrible with this “every time make all as read”..

  180. Anonymous says:

    Dude, I don’t know why you changed everything in version 13, but it is absolutely terrible compared to version 12. So, I have downgraded back to 12.

  181. I could live by the fact that all feeds were reset and started feeding from day 1, it only gave me a
    In about 6 hours time I have seen the same posts come by about 6 times, every time I clicked them, but they keep on coming back and back and back and… Seems that there is some debugging to do.

  182. Anonymous says:

    In version 12, clicking ticker used to open the link in new tab with focus remaining to present tab. However, In version 13, clicking ticker opens link in new tab with focus changing to new tab.

    can you restore to previous behaviour as it was far more convinient for opening multiple tabs without loosing focus from present tab.

  183. Sorry to disturb, but after a few days testing I can only say that I will have to delete this add-on that was my favourite up till now. I fail to understand why, in the past, it could remember what feeds I had seen before and that this is not possible any more with the new update. Now, with every FF start all feeds pass again, sometimes from years ago.

    I understand you would like me to fiddle with my FF history settings (including my CCleaner settings), but an add-on that obliges the user to change the privacy settings in order to work… wrong thinking.

    I will certainly keep an eye on future developments. Thanks for an add-on that served me well for a couple of years.

  184. Человек says:

    Жаль что не работает, это одно из самых неудачных обновлений что я видел, придется искать альтернативу((((((((

  185. Kevin says:

    Version 13 is, plainly, no longer a useful add on. Why does it jump to the link I just opened via the ticker, and how do I stop it from doing that? It’s pointless to make it jump to a blank loading page, especially if I click 20 or so of them at once.

    You’ve consigned many of us to version 12 and Firefox 21. That’s kind of a dick thing to do.

    • You’ve consigned many of us to version 12 and Firefox 21. That’s kind of a dick thing to do.

      The alternative was to do nothing, which would leave you with Firefox 22 and no RSS Ticker.

  186. Kevin says:

    As an aside to my complaint about your once great software, here’s another one. Suddenly since I installed 13, every time I open firefox a window pops up saying “You don’t have any RSS feeds. Here’s how to get some”. That’s not verbatim. In reality it’s a whole paragraph. You know the page I’m talking about because you wrote it. I checked the box that says ‘never show me this again’ to no avail.

    Unfortunately, for me it seems, I DO have RSS feeds, and I’ve had them for years. I’m so disappointed. This is such a horrible downgrade. It’s like having to go from XP to Vista. Or from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Or from having to go from anything to a frickin’ Mac.

    It would be really cool if you released the code… that’s all I’m saying. The code for 12, not 13. Keep 13 to yourself.

  187. I’ve been using your add-on for years, and I think it’s the best way to receive RSS content. I’ve tried various RSS readers and none work as well for me as your ticker.

    One thing I noticed with version 13, on Firefox running on Ubuntu, the bottom 1/3 of the text is cut off. This might be an issue on other versions as well, but it definitely affects Ubuntu. You can see a screen shot here:

    Sorry to hear that you don’t have as much time for this project these days. Are you the only one writing the code?

    • One thing I noticed with version 13, on Firefox running on Ubuntu, the bottom 1/3 of the text is cut off. This might be an issue on other versions as well, but it definitely affects Ubuntu.

      I’ll get this fixed. I didn’t have a Linux box available to test on, but I’ll get one set up.

      Are you the only one writing the code?

      I am; however, I’ve noticed a few patches submitted in the last few days by another developer (e.g., which are greatly appreciated.

  188. Kevin says:

    Sorry to bug you yet again, but I can’t find the .xpi file at github. Can you link directly to it?

    I’m sending you money to thank you for the first 12 versions of this addon, but I’m subtracting a dollar because of version 13. If more people paid you for the ticker addon, would you spend time working on it? Or have you just moved on?

  189. E says:

    How about your announced update?
    It’s not really working with ff 21 :-(
    some feeds can’t be marked as read, som feeds don’t show up in the ticker, some only after changing the position of the ticker.

    So it is nearly unuseable at the moment.

  190. MickeyMiner says:

    Since RSS-Ticker does not remember read/marked articles anymore, it became useless now for me (…any yes, I reset my browsing history at the end of the day). I am just too sorry I have to uninstall this fabulous plug-in I have been using for so long…

  191. ks says:

    I appreciate to use your great add-on.
    Btw would you favor adding a preference that focus new tab when link opens in it?
    I’m sorry but it’s little bothering me that I have to click new tab in tab bar after pressing any ticker .

      • rico says:

        I ticked this option in Firefox 21 and I don’t know why but the focus stays on the presented tab without switching the focus to the new tab. This is the best Rss addon, please help me to solve this. Thanks.

  192. Aquifex says:

    Hey! First of all, thank you for this awesome addon! I’ve been using it for years, and to me it’s definitely the most convenient way to check my RSS feeds. However, since the latest update (14 I think) the option to customise the right-click menu seems to have been disabled, and all options are displayed by default. This is a problem to me since I only used the “refresh feeds” and “mark as read” options. When I now want to mark an article as read I have to maneuver through the right-click menu with its many options, and too often I accidentally click on “mark ALL feeds as read” which is very close to it. So my questions are

    1. Could you re-add the option to customise the right-click menu
    2. Could you introduce a simple way to mark an article as read, e.g. by mouse-wheel click?

    Thanks a lot!

    • 1. Could you re-add the option to customise the right-click menu

      That’s an option that won’t be returning, sorry.

      2. Could you introduce a simple way to mark an article as read, e.g. by mouse-wheel click?

      Ctrl+Click will mark an item as read. Mouse-wheel click should open the item in a new tab, but I’m not sure that it does.

      • Aquifex says:

        Ctrl+Click will mark an item as read. I wasn’t aware of that, good to know. In that case there is no need for menu customisation since that’s even easier.

        Mouse-wheel click should open the item in a new tab, but I’m not sure that it does.Works for me (Win7 32bit, Firefox 21.0).

  193. Eric says:

    I use your ticker exclusively for getting the jump on local Craigslist ads for items I am on the look out for. Now it seems, no items are showing up in the ticker even when a new ad shows up that fits my saved search criteria.

    • Eric says:

      Upon reboot, it seems to have updated all the feeds. I will follow up if any issues arise again. Otherwise, I still love this extension.

  194. Lance says:

    I had it working, 12 I think, but for some reason it updated to 14 by itself for some reason (I didn’t have automatic updates on). I have turned off FF updates and am using FF 21.

    There used to be some info regarding reinstalling 12 or whatever version worked, but cannot find it now. Were a bunch of posts deleted or something? Please help me get back to 12!

    • Lance says:

      Alright, found how to get it back to 12. Working great. Now how would you suggest I stop it from updating? I don’t mind reisntalling every time, but in my business every second counts, if I don’t notice my feed working right, it could cost me money! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this addon. Thanks again.

  195. Jin says:

    Great plugin!

    It will be great to have a ‘dismiss’ button in preview box to remove the item instead of opening it to dismiss. Thank you.

  196. bil_ says:

    For some reason every time I open Firefox each window get’s a new tab saying no Live Bookmarks have been found. (chrome://rss-ticker/content/noFeedsFound.xul)

    The strange thing is that the Ticker is working and feeding my live bookmarks just fine. Because of the way I use Firefox (restoring previous browsing sessions) it’s just a pain because I have to go through each window and close the RSS Ticker tab. I’ve tried both clicking the “X” and clicking the “Close” button with the box checked saying “Don’t show this message again.” but it happens anyway. Any idea why? Is that a cookie setting (because I close my cookies regularly)? Also, I noticed that the error is a “Chrome” error but I’m running Firefox. Any thoughts would be helpful!


  197. David says:

    Yesterday my feed vanished and when I got it back I could no longer find the preferences where I could change which feeds I wanted disabled and even though I hit ‘read all’ for some feeds they came back this morning. I went to ‘Tools > Add-ons > RSS Ticker > Preferences’ but all I got was the page that had the link to take me here. What is going on? I have v 22 of Firefox.



  198. Sschnoddelator says:

    A great firefox plugin.
    But in version 14 the rss feeds appear again and again in the ticker. This makes aggressive.
    Maybe the private mode in firefox is the reason when the chronicle is not saved.
    The last brilliant version of the ticker was 12 but there you can’t add feeds any more.
    So, a very unfortune situation but I hope for better days.

  199. JT says:

    Don’t know what happened to my first post BUT How do I keep Version 12 from automatically updating to Version 13 or 14?

  200. eva says:

    after the update the feed does not remeber anymore that the feeds have been read. all the feeds reapear after opening firefox again. i have swiched to bloglovin and will deinstall this plugin. too bad, before the update it was perfect.

  201. Raj says:

    Hi Chris,

    I know you’ve scaled back on this project, but if you get some time in the future I would really appreciate it if you could re-add support for maximum ticker length and randomized feeds. I tried the alternative you recommended, Headlines Ticker, and unfortunately it’s not nearly as good as your add-on was. It doesn’t display icons and it doesn’t even create its own toolbar. If I create one, then headlines just scroll in a small box rather than across the entire width of the window.

    Is there any chance you can add these features back or is there a better alternative you can recommend?

    Thanks very much for creating this. I’m a big fan.

  202. Taking the piss? I actually donated. Now the damn thing doesn’t work, hasn’t been for a long time. Your changing it way to much, keep it simple and it will run simply.

  203. Lifeforn says:


    nice work you did!

    While surfing I deactivted the Ticker on right klick/ Context Menue
    for not to have the Ticker visible.
    I close and open Firefox and the Ticker is active again and shows the Feeds.
    Now I have a Question. ;-)
    Is it possible not to have the Ticker visible if I start the Browser, because I deactivated it before closing Firefox?
    I prefer to have the Ticker active when I want to see it, please.
    Can you make it possible, please?
    Best Regards

  204. Sven says:

    Well, pretty sad for me that since the July-updates nothing works anymore, tried reinstalling, switching of and endlessly restarting the browser… the rssticker won’t show up anymore :-(

  205. Taylor Wood says:

    I used the rss ticker 12 until Our work updated to rss ticker 14. Will have to say that I am sadly disappointed that you can no longer specify how often you get the updates. As a member of customer support I used to rely on the ticket feeder refreshing every minute. Since we have a 15 min SLA it makes the rss ticker almost not practical since we can no longer specify the time it refreshes.

  206. sasa says:

    My problem:
    I see the RSS-ticker line, but no feeds are available?
    I can click on the RSS botten to activate the feeds, but no feed will start.
    (In the past it worked wonderful)
    Any idea?


  207. Pam says:

    RSS Ticker has suddenly started showing ALL of my RSS feeds in the ticker. Maybe it was updated? I used to have it set to only show one particular RSS feed and not all of them. Now I no longer see that in the options. So to only show a feed from a particular site, I can’t subscribe to any other feeds.

  208. Thomas says:

    … :-( thanks for the fast answer. that is really sad. do you use chrome? if you do so, is there any “useful” rss-feed-reader? everything I tried is so boring compared to rss-ticker. maybe I should chance back to firefox …. but fox is slow….

  209. Nick Goldman says:

    Every time I start FireFox after a reboot, I get an error message that RSS Ticker could not locate any feeds… although all my feeds are there and are locating messages. This happens after each reboot, even though I tick the box to not show the message again. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling too. Any ideas?

  210. Guenter says:

    I’ve got the same problem which Nick described. I found no way to get rid of the error message about the dynamic bookmarks resp. any feeds. Although the ticker shows the messages of all my feeds.
    This behaviour shows only after a reboot. When I start the firefox after a rebot, close it and re-open it again I don’t get the error message.
    Could the the no-script add-on possibly interfere with the RSS-Ticker? I’ve set the home network as trusted to no-script, so that all scripts should be accepted without permission request.
    Any help is appreciated.

  211. In the latest version, how do I add and remove feeds? Is there any way/file? i have some feeds that i didn’t add and it seems that the ticker keeps reading them even tho they aren’t added as feed.

    Thanks in advance!

  212. Adolfo Peixinho says:

    Thank you for a “very” useful add-on.
    Just wondering why did you drop the option to randomize feeds ?
    This option, in my opinion, was primarily necessary for people with lots of feeds. Now one has to view feeds in queue.
    There must be a reason, but I’m not grasping it.
    Just wondering…
    Consider providing that functionality again.
    I believe it would be greatly appreciated.

  213. v4 says:

    I’m trying out your RSS Ticker right now, and I’m curious, would it be possible to add:
    – [x] to close single infos?
    – a second scroll bar, for 2 different feeds at the same time?
    – specified word’s which get blocked?

  214. Antonio says:

    Buongiorno, potete gentilmente fare un aggiornamento dove si può impostare un numero a picere delle notizie che devono essere visualizzate sulla barra? Una volta era cosi’, grazie.

  215. Dennis says:

    Hi, i think this does not work with FF29… am i right? if it works, is it necessary to do anything special to make it work?
    thx in advance :)

  216. Al says:

    I love your RSS Ticker! I have a suggested feature: I use RSS Ticker at work, but I’m embarrassed to keep it running in case someone has to login and use my computer while I’m away. Would it be possible to make an option that disables RSS Ticker upon closing FF? I wouldn’t mind re-enabling it every day when I start FF, but I always forget to disable it before I close my browser. Great extension, regardless!

    • I think that’s probably too niche of a use case to add it to the main add-on, but when I have a few minutes, I’ll look into making a standalone add-on that disables the ticker when you close Firefox. I’ll post a followup comment here when it’s done.

  217. Daniele says:

    It does not work correctly with firefox29: i have a RSS which shows when someone come online, and your tool works only when it is the first time that they come online. At second time (the day after or 1 week after etc) it does not show anything, maybe because it think it was something already read. With old versions of firefox, i had not this problem… is it possible to fix? your plugin is the only that worked fine… and i guess it would not be too much hard to put an option “shows alrready read”
    Thx for your attention and sorry for ny bad english…

  218. MikeOShay says:

    Great add-on, love it and I use it every day. But whenever Firefox crashes, I get this message on all of my open windows (I tend to have lots of things on the go and have at least like 3-4 windows open at a time) and it’s a bit annoying. I always have “Do not show this message again” checked off, and yet it continues to appear. Any idea what’s up with that?

  219. Valentin Stanescu says:

    First of all, thank you for a great addon.

    I also have a suggestion concerning a slight improvement: could you add the option of immediately moving focus to the newly opened tab?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

  220. Brian says:

    I want to suggest the addition of a second or more tickers stacked option. This would be able to have different speeds and assign by right clicking on the feed. This feature would be AWESOME. Please consider it.

  221. Joe ellis says:

    Hi. Please consider allowing a maximum number of items per feed i.e. only showing the latest 20 entries (with a user set limit). I have one feed I like that goes back years and so it just floods the ticker with out of date junk. Can we introduce a cap?

  222. Mark says:

    Old feeds are showing up every day at the approx. the same time… What could be the cause of that?
    I’m struggling with that bug for years now… can’t take it anymore… PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! :D

    • Do you have Firefox set to only remember a portion of your history? What may be happening is that at the time that Firefox deletes your old read items, Feed Sidebar shows them again because they’re no longer in your history.

      If the same old items are showing up every day, then that’s a bug and I’ll have to look into it.

      • MikeOShay says:

        I think I’m experiencing the same bug as him. I’ll pay closer attention to which feeds are reappearing, what time they reappear, when they were originally posted, and where they are in my browsing history or feed history. None of it seems to be caused by history getting purged though, everything’s still there and it’s not even the last feed on the list or something like that.

      • Mark says:

        Thanks for the reply!
        The funny thing is, a couple of days ago, I’ve noticed that my Firefox history is missing and looked into that problem, and came to realization that newer versions of Firefox clean the history (places.sqlite) database to meet performance needs as calculated by Firefox itself at the time of starting… so the string “places.history.expiration.transient_current_max_pages” is getting modified according to current system state (free RAM, HDD space, etc.) to meet those needs. BTW, it is not (easily) possible to lock the value of the string.
        Anyway, stupid devs of Firefox deleted my history, worth 4+ years! Or had been deleting bit by bit for quite some time… (because I left my computer with virtually no free RAM and HDD space due to work and various projects)
        Option “Remenber History” doesn’t mean anything apparently. :/

        So, deleting the history might be the problem for the older feeds showing up.

        But, sometimes the newer ones are popping up as well. Very recent ones, a couple of days old, would pop up along the side of regular (new) one. BTW, if the new feed is available at the time of starting Firefox, it will show up normally (alone), but if it’s published somewhat later during the evening it will pop up only at the ~12:30AM with the other old ones from that feed (at the beginning of the group).

        Also, sometimes the older ones that were sowing up (presumably because of deleted history), keep showing up again even though that part of history was already deleted.

        *** Hmm, just occurred to me, if the deleted history is the problem, why the RSS Ticker is showing only part of the old feeds?! Say, some old feed subscription has 40 items, but Ticker is showing only part of the feed items at the time, not all 40.
        Usually feed is showing ~5-10 feeds (feed items, I use it interchangeably apparently :D ), no matter how many old ones there are.
        Some of my feed subscriptions are 4+ years old, so there are many feeds available to be shown, but they’re not, just a couple of them are.

        Also, the DEAD feeds are showing up! Non-existent site’s feed pop up from time to time! The website that is not functioning any more, domain is deleted, but feeds showing up from time to time.

        So… deleted history might be one of the causes for buggy behavior, but it’s not the only one for sure.

  223. MikeOShay says:

    About ten months old, right? Because I’ve been getting the same thing! It happens for some feeds and not others. It’s not even consistent across the same website. Hopefully the developers actually read this comment stream and will try to figure out what the hell’s happening. Ditto with the issue I had a while back, with the “no live feeds found” screen popping up every time I crash, regardless of the “don’t show this again” button.

  224. Mark says:

    Yeah, I get “no live feeds found” after a crash as well, but that’s not a big problem, as the crashing happens rarely and it’s not that INVASIVE!
    Old feeds popping up every day, on the other hand, ARE MORE THAN INVASIVE and ANNOYING as hell!
    Even worse, sometimes new feeds are mixed with the old ones so you have to be careful not the “Mark All as Read” straight away, but find and open the new feed first, and then mark the rest as read…

    Interesting thing, popping of the old feeds start approximately at the same time every day – I hope this might help the developer to find the bug and the culprit. Also, more old feeds are popping up after the crash (not right away, but at certain time of day – for me that is usually 30 minutes after midnight doesn’t matter when the crash occurred), but if there wasn’t crashing for some period, then just a couple of old feeds are popping up (also at that certain time 12:30AM as always).
    Sometimes one or two old feeds pop up at random time during the day.

  225. MikeOShay says:

    In terms of the time of day, I think it’s the same time of day and with the same gaps in-between as when they originally came out, there are just a lot of things that update at midnight, and perhaps that’s when the ticker checks its updates for you.

    I subscribe to two weekly video series on The Escapist, and so from those two I get four weekly updates. Two of them are old ones, two of them are new. They’re on different days of the week, so I’m thinking it’s got to do with the number of days or months that have passed, and the thing’s not checking for them properly. It’s pretty obnoxious.

    On rare occasion I get ALL of a webcomic showing up on my feed for no perceived reason, but I figure that’s the comic’s fault and not RSS ticker; it’s probably when they update their site’s RSS plugin or something like that. The consistent appearance of old feed items is pretty damn annoying though.

    • On rare occasion I get ALL of a webcomic showing up on my feed for no perceived reason, but I figure that’s the comic’s fault and not RSS ticker; it’s probably when they update their site’s RSS plugin or something like that. The consistent appearance of old feed items is pretty damn annoying though.

      Yes, this would be due to something the site owner did — change their site platform or RSS handler. I’ve seen it in every feed reader I’ve ever used.

  226. Ferrán says:

    Great add-on, but with it turned on, in my mid-2009 MacBook Firefox jumps from 8-10% CPU usage to 40-50%. Not much of a problem while the computer is hooked to the grid, but when on battery, if I use Firefox usage time goes from 5-6 hours to 3-3’5, and that’s too much.

    It would be good to have at least an ON/OFF switch, instead of having to deactivate the full thing and reload Firefox.

    Is that possible? Thanks a lot for your help.



  227. c says:

    I just got a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and I can’t get the ctrl-click to work on a scrolling feed. It opens a feed item rather than marking it as read.

  228. partywang says:

    thanks for the rss-ticker. it is helpful for me.
    when left click the title,the link open in tab;
    but i just want to set this item to “readed”.
    can U add this function:when click the mouse’s middle-button,the item will be set to readed.
    beause right-click and then click “M”, is to complicated,when there are a lot of news,and i want to read the title one by one.

    at the end,thank you!

  229. etc says:

    thank you for this so helpfull app.for me have only one inconvenience-would be nice to have checkbox in settings “mark as read without ctrl”.much less interesting news then other and holdin down ctrl then need to mark it as read litle tires :)

  230. Anonymous says:

    Can you make it so that [optionally] an item can be marked as read by right clicking on it? That’s better than the complicate right-click menu.


  231. Moses says:

    Hey there… nice work. But, somehow i always get the No Feeds message when a new window is opened. I ticked the box don’t show again… But it still appears in every new window, wether i have feeds or not.. and it resets all feeds marked as read… every time .. also fucks up popup windows.. No use like this for me, unfortunately!


  232. Moses says:

    ok .. sorry i wrote all away, b4 reading prev. posts… Problem “NoFeeds” fixed in about:config .. destroying popups sizes also fixed by setting the flag.. showing old feeds issue.. is still useless for me, because i always want to browse private.. so it would be nice if you consider adding your own history to your plugin… the other way theres no use for me :-/

    I love your addon .. i want to use it … Friendly greetings

    • I believe it’s due to a bug in Firefox 40. I don’t have the time to dedicate to ensuring compatibility with betas, but if it’s still broken when 40 is released as stable, I’ll try and fix it then.

    • I believe it’s due to a bug in Firefox 40. I don’t have the time to dedicate to ensuring compatibility with betas, but if it’s still broken when 40 is released as stable, I’ll try and fix it then.

      • Paul says:

        I think you’re right that it’s a bug in FF40. My RSS Ticker continued to work in FF40 and after 40.0.2, but stopped working when I installed a latest version of Roboform password manager which also has a toolbar – some interference there … something’s up with how FF40+ handles toolbars?

  233. Kuranghi says:


    RSS Ticker is a fantastic thing that I have used daily in the past few years, thanks so much for creating and maintaining it all this time.

    My question is a strange one, I use RSS Ticker on the Firefox 39 [stable] on both my mid-2010 Macbook Pro [OS X Mavericks] and a PC with Windows 7 64-bit, when I scroll the mouse wheel ANYWHERE on the RSS Ticker on the macbook it moves the feed along, in whatever direction I scroll, but on the PC when I have to be hovering over an actual feed link for it to start scrolling, then when the mouse leaves the ticker space and I go back to it, the same thing happens again, like it has to be over a ticker link to “capture” the mouse wheel for scrolling on the bar, sorry if that super confusing, I can do a little video if it helps.

    Its frustrating when the feed links are off screen and you have to wait for it to come back on the other side of the screen to be able to hover over it and then be able to scroll the ticker.

    Hope you can fix it, or at least tell me why you think its happening, I thought it might be do with the Macbook’s trackpad, maybe the horizontal-scrolling?

    Cheers in advance.

  234. Taruba says:

    Can you please make it so it uses its own data to save already read feeds and not the history?
    I thought this was already implemented since version 3 but after a new install it doesnt work.
    Im using Private mode on Firefox and my feeds keep coming up.

  235. I love this add-on but it has stopped working. It appears to have happened when FF 40 installed. I’m on Windows 10 and FF 40. Please let me know what you suggest. THANKS!

  236. Ian M says:

    Recently started to use the RSS Ticker add-in and it’s working really well. Thanks!

    I have my several feeds in a folder in my favourites toolbar. If I hover over a feed I get a list of the individual items in that feed, both read and unread. The list appears to be limited to the latest 10 items however. I would like to see all items (or at least a lot more than 10). The items are deleted at source when they are no longer relevant, so I want to see any and all items because they are still relevant.

    My question is whether the 10 items limit is imposed by ‘Firefox Live Bookmarks’ or by the RSS Ticker add-in and, whichever it is, do you know whether there is a way to increase or remove the 10 item limit?

  237. Ian M says:

    Actually digging a bit further I think it may be the RSS feed itself that’s limiting to 10 items, so don’t waste time answering my question above. If I discover otherwise I’ll re-post. – Thanks again for a great add-in.

  238. Mikeehy says:

    Same as previous two comments. I have used this RSS ticker for several years now without any problems and as soon as Firefox updated with vers. 40.0 the ticker went DEAD!!!! I have uninstalled and reinstalled add-on without any success!!!!

    • paulderdash says:

      Strangely for me the RSS Ticker did continue to work after upgrade to 40/40.0.2. But as soon as I installed a latest version of my password manager Roboform, which also has a toolbar, RSS Ticker stopped working. I have confirmed this sequence after an image restore. I have also switched to Feed Sidebar but would still prefer the RSS Ticker … hopefully Chris can/will figure out an update. Only realised how much I miss this add-on when it broke!

  239. Sainath Zanwar says:

    Hi Chris Finally I have found one RSS viewer which finds a fine balance between being non-cumbersome and at the same time non-invasive.
    Thanks for making this.

    I would like to suggest that there should be an option of randomizing the Feeds from multiple platforms. like not a train of feed from one website and then followed by a train of others.
    And further maybe prioritized on the basis of page hits a particular link carries.
    Just a thought !

  240. Mort says:

    Have been using your RSS Ticker for years. Love, Love, Love it! It’s a great app
    Just adding to the frustrations spelled out above: Since upgrading to 40.0 the ticker has disappeared from the desktop. Any attempts to reinstall have gone nowhere.

    We all look forward to a fix to this wonderful add-on to FireFox.

    Thank you.

  241. Charles Taylor says:

    “RSS Ticker could not locate any live bookmarks” I get this error since updating to ff 40.0.2. There in fact are lots of live bookmarks. Any ideas?

  242. I don’t have a lot of time right now to dedicate to RSS Ticker, but when I tried it on a clean Firefox 40 profile, it worked as expected. When I am able to, I will test it with some of the other extensions mentioned above.

  243. Ian M says:

    After Firefox upgraded to v40 the RSS Ticker stopped working for me, and for other people I know. Since then I have tried on other machines, tried using “Refresh Firefox” to set it back to default settings and have tried with a new Firefox profile. Nothing has worked. When I start Firefox I always get a tab opening which says “RSS Ticker was unable to find any Live Bookmarks” etc.

    There is no alternative to RSS Ticker that I’m aware of so if you manage to find time to fix it I for one would be very grateful (and will get the paid edition!).

  244. tlynnec says:

    Same issue here. Started with 40.0.2. Have tried deleting and re-adding Live bookmarks to see if that made a difference, but it did not.

  245. Mart says:

    Many years i could use your app, but it doesn’t work in Firefox 40!
    Is this a known problem?
    And when you aspackt that is works?

  246. Helmut says:

    thank you that you have made this FANTASTIC plugin. I have been using it for years and since it doesn’t work anymore, I recognize how useful and important it is for me.
    I hope you will find the time to make it work again – or that someone else will keep it alive!

  247. Shane says:

    Every time I open Firefox I get a page that opens immediately after that tells me there are no live bookmarks, then explains how I could subscribe if wanted. And that info is totally misleading because I see nothing to the right of the address bar indicating what is described. Never the less, I don’t want anything other than the message to go away. There is a box to be checked to never show message again, but that doesn’t work either. How can I get rid of this annoying message all together? This is the annoying url that appears: chrome://rss-ticker/content/noFeedsFound.xul

  248. D. says:

    Same as others. Get the extra tab on startup.

    It would be nice if someone could port this to the new way.

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:42.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/42.0 ID:20151029151421 CSet: e2f9a0ed50bc

  249. I’m confused, because this is working on one profile at least but not others! It had stopped working but on this one profile, it has started working again. This is version 45.0.1 of Firefox on Windows 7 Professional.

    I am using Profile Switcher which is found at How can I get it to work on other profiles? In fact, how can I even download it on that one profile?? I can’t find a download link anywhere. Can someone post a download link?

  250. Mike says:

    Do not ever expect that any depreciated Plugin or Software in this new World is worth using other depreciated Software. Think about it, there are several (very)good alternatives on the Web. For example, I am using FeedNotifier now: . It uses a tray-icon for control and useful windows-notifications on your favourite feeds. I like it!

    Best regards

  251. Eric says:

    In looking at the feednotifier, it looks older and someone posted on Cnet that it may pose a threat, though unlikely. I have been using Chris’ feedbar add on. Seamless transition for me and now I love it. Plus it’s updated as of a few days ago.

    I get pop ups when I’m looking at my screen and something posts in my feed, plus I can see the blue notification in my browser add on bar when there’s anything new. Twofold notifies! Bonus! Good luck all.


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