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Due to the upcoming deprecation of XUL-based add-ons, I am stopping development and support for this add-on. E-mail me if you’d to take over development.

Feed Sidebar is an extension for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser that displays the new items from your Live Bookmarks in the sidebar. It is intended to be a lightweight extension of the RSS capabilities already included in Firefox, not a completely new feed management system.


Installing Feed Sidebar will add a new sidebar to Firefox that, when opened, will load the feeds that you have bookmarked in Firefox and display any unread items from those feeds. Clicking on an item will show a preview in the bottom of the sidebar, and double- or middle-clicking will open the item in the browser and remove it from the sidebar.

You can choose to show items that you’ve already read:


You can filter your feeds with the search bar:


The toolbar buttons perform the following tasks:

  • Open All in Tabs
  • Mark All as Read
  • Set maximum age for feed items
  • Stop current update
  • Reload feeds
  • Change update interval (reload button dropdown)

You can access the options from the context menu:


If you’re having trouble with the extension or would like to see a new feature added, you can:

221 thoughts on “Feed Sidebar

  1. whatbird says:

    I am currently using Firefox 23.0, but this problem has been happening for a few weeks now…

    I am using Feed Sidebar 7 for my rss feeds and when it works, it works great. The problem is that multiple times a day, everything disappears as if I had never subscribed to any pages. I constantly have to uninstall Feed Sidebar, restart Firefox and then reinstall Feed Sidebar and restart Firefox again. This is so frustrating. Does anyone know why this happens…and more importantly, how I can fix this problem? I also tried to restore the Firefox defaults and it didn’t help. Thank you for any help you can give me!

  2. Luigi Cavallo says:


    Feed Sidebar is probably the main tool I use on any browser and is a key reason I stay with Firefox (currently using the ver 24 beta).

    For a while now I have noticed Firefox locking up (no mouse cursor movement, “Firefox is not responding” message. Now while I am not trying to say I have proof, I have noticed that these lockups frequently (not always) coincide with your extension scanning for RSS Feed updates using my feed list.

    As an ex programmer I suspect that something is blocking Firefox from processing during these lockups. Do you think it is possible that Feed Sidebar could be involved at times?

    I can’t recall the name of a future Firefox development (Electrolysis?) that is meant to assist with multiple thread capability. Is Firefox capable of multiple threads of execution with the extension framework?

    Thanks for a great extension by the way.

  3. Adolfo Casari says:

    Hi, I upgraded to FF 24 and now the feeds are not updated anymore. If I click the Reload feeds button it just don’t do nothing.


  4. I’ve been using the feed sidebar for many years now and I have only compliments. But, in these many years, only now I noticed that when it is inactive, it shows a star and when it is active, it changes to a dot… :P

    Best regards from Brazil!

  5. forte says:

    i would appreciate if an option allow to choose whether LeftMouseClick opens preview at bottom (current behavior) or opens page in current tab (similar to MiddleMouseClick – but not in new tab).

  6. EVX says:

    Thanks for the Feedbar Firefox add-on. Would you accept code contributions to make it more keyboard friendly? Please get in touch to discuss..

  7. Despaji says:


    I like your addon, thanks.
    I’m running Firefox Aurora (v29) and it seems that with the switch to Australis UI, the toolbar of the addon is broken. At least, it is for me (running Aurora from PPA repository for Ubuntu, on Kubuntu 13.10). Not really a matter for me, just wanted to make you notice.

    Best regards

  8. Selon says:

    Hi, I just downloaded your app but the feeds don’t show up in the sidebar. I have Firefox 28.0 , and have a the language settings as Dutch. Is it possible that because of the different language settings the app doesn’t recognize the folder? Or is there something else wrong?

  9. Phil Daniels says:

    Firefox 29, them:FT Deep Dark 10, Omni Sidebar 1.4.3, Feed Sidebar 8.0.4

    Since 8.04 list is displaying as light grey on white, almost impossible to see, it was previously white on black.


  10. W Smith says:

    When I go to a RSS feed webpage I get dialog box at the top which says “Subscribe to this feed using…” and a bunch of choices. How do I choose Feed Sidebar? It doesn’t show up in the default list of apps and I can’t choose it independently.

  11. Lyes says:

    Hi !
    It stopped working correctily:
    – When I bookmark a new feed, it works.
    – So I opened all my feeds and bookmarked them (with the subscription button of Firefox)
    – It worked again
    – I closed Firefox
    – A day after, I opened the navigator, and it stopped working, again!

    I have FF35.
    Could you help, please ? Your addon is the best and has no equivalent!


  12. Ennea says:

    hi,sorry my english😊
    i hope can define the way each feed item opened which open the link webpage or show the full item description in the browser windows.

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