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Typo.js 1.2.1 Released

I’ve tagged and released version 1.2.1 of my pure JavaScript spellchecker, Typo.js on npm. The only change in this version from 1.2.0 is that it’s now less susceptible to a regular expression Denial of Service attack, which is to say that it more elegantly handles .aff files with lots of consecutive whitespace. (Thanks to for reporting the issue.)

Some stats and fun facts:

  • Typo.js is 10 years old this year!
  • I initially wrote it because Chrome did not expose its spellchecking API to extensions like Firefox did, and I wanted to port YouTube Comment Snob to Chrome.
  • Typo.js is a dependency is 27 other npm projects.
  • It’s downloaded about 50,000 times per week via npm and has been downloaded more than 7.2MM times.
  • It has 408 stars on GitHub and is by far my most popular GitHub repository.



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