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Today’s Functional Print: Twist-In Shelf Supports

In today’s “shake it up baby” news, I’ve printed some hard-to-find twist-in shelf supports.

The shelves in our new living room have vertical metal tracks that don’t just accept a push-in support clip; the support must be turned 90º in order to interlock with the track. These supports aren’t sold at any of the national hardware store chains, and the only place I could find them was on another frustrated homeowner’s Shapeways account. I recreated them (and beefed them up a bit) so that I could share the model here.



The SCAD script is available on GitHub, and the part can be customized and downloaded on Thingiverse.


3 comments on “Today’s Functional Print: Twist-In Shelf Supports

  1. Karen says:

    Chris – I can’t believe I landed on your site. That’s exactly the type of clip we need. We’re not computer savvy enough to print them. Any chance I could pay you to print a set of four? Or nine, as you’ve shown?

  2. Karen says:

    Hey Chris – so I “spoke” too soon – Just found them on Shapeways and ordered a set. Amazing technology today for kitchen cabinets built in the 80s. Thanks anyways.

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