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Wanted: WordPress Post Template Plugin

I’m in need of a WordPress plugin that lets you specify a template for posts based on their category. For example, I might want to postscript all of my posts about URL Fixer with a link to the most recent version, or prefix an explanation about what exactly “Mozilla” is to my Firefox posts.

I haven’t found one that does what I want, so I’ve started writing it myself. It’s tentatively named Formategory (Format + Category), and it is currently responsible for all of my Toby posts bearing the “Toby is unsupported” postscript.

Other possible uses:

  • Define a custom background image for posts based on their category.
  • Add a byline by categorizing posts on a multi-author blog with the author’s name: “Joe Smith is a freelancer from Biloxi, Mississippi.”

If anyone knows of something out there that already does this, please let me know.


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