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Very important news for Firefox extension developers

If you’ve written an extension for Firefox and you want it to work correctly in Firefox 3, read this right now. The ID of the navigational toolbox has been changed from “navigator-toolbox” to “browser-toolbox,” and you’ll need to update your code to reflect this change. Basically, if any part of your extension adds a toolbar button or a new toolbar to the top part of the browser, you’ve got some changes to make.

Update: Never mind; they worked out a new fix that doesn’t involve chaning the toolbox id.


One comment on “Very important news for Firefox extension developers

  1. Thanks for the info Chris, much appreciated. Between the big changes coming up for WordPress 2.5 and Firefox 3 on the way for about the same time period, developers of WP plugins and FX extensions are going to have to deal with some changes but at least they’re changes for the better all around.

    By the way, is Scribefire going to be updated to run with beta 3 by any chance? I’ve had several inquiries about this although I’m not too sure why they’re asking me. Probably because I recommended your extension to them in the first place.

    Just wondering.

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