URL Fixer

Update: URL Fixer was acquired and is now hosted at http://urlfixer.org/

URL Fixer is an extension for Mozilla Firefox that corrects typos in URLs that you enter in the address bar. For example, if you type google.con, it will correct it to google.com (asking first, if you enable confirmation).

How It Works

URL Fixer fixes common typos in URLs entered in the address bar. It will fix errors like “google.con” or “youtube,com”. You have the option of being asked to confirm corrections before they are applied.

With URL Fixer, you can also specify your own set of custom corrections. Add or remove your own corrections in URL Fixer’s options dialog, accessible via Tools » Add-ons » URL Fixer » Preferences.

You can also correct errors as they happen; if Firefox can’t find the website you typed in, URL Fixer lets you mark that URL as a typo, and you’ll never see that error page again.

226 comments on “URL Fixer

  1. vick says:

    Now you want me to be even “worser” speller.. havent you learned from microsoft word….thanks buddy .. thanks… ;)

  2. dfgdfgdfgdfgdf says:

    Hi, thanks for the extension. Nice idea.

    It would be great if there would be way to configure it though, since I’d rather have it correct “.ed” to “.de” than to “.edu”.

  3. oystershucker says:

    c’mon people.
    no one should every be typing “http://” or “.com,” ever.

    control-enter: adds http:// and .com to whatever you type in the address bar.

    e.g.: type “steepandcheap” into the address bar and hit ctrl-enter

    control-shift-enter for .org
    shift-enter for .net

  4. oystershucker: And what are the keys for .edu, .mil, .gov, and .co.uk? You can’t always avoid typing a full Web address, and for most people, it would be easier to remember “.org” than “ctrl-shift-enter.”

  5. Bryan says:

    This is great and all, but it doesn’t seem to work if you click on a link that has the URL mistyped. Is support for mistyped links going to be implemented?

  6. Chris says:

    Awesome extension. If I type wwwebay.com it doesn’t fix that however it does fix http://www.ebaycom. Any chance of fixing that? I’ve got real clumsy fingers and I’m depending on you to make up for my shortcomings.

  7. Finke: I think you’re gonna be stuck for the rest of your life fixing what we write wrong rather than we improve our writing skills. This reminds me of a quote for Rich Cook:

    “Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.”

    No offense though, I am just kidding :)

  8. Nippon says:

    Why don’t you support “.jp” Domains?
    Please support this, please!!

    I often mistake “.jp” to “.jo”, “.j@”, “j-“.

  9. BenEnglish says:

    I’m at work and can’t test (IE only shop), but is URL Fixer any help with clickable links? Some web forums don’t want links tracked back to them, so they require members to post only broken links like:

    ht tp:

    I usually middle-click the links to open them in a new tab, then edit the URL and hit . Will URL Fixer treat this as if it were typed into the address bar for the new tab and do the editing for me? If so, there are some communities that would be forever grateful for that kind of help.

    I realize that fixing clickable links isn’t the intent, here, but I was wondering if it was possible. Whether it is possible or not, I think the whole idea is just wonderful. I’ll download and test tonite at home. In the meantime, thank you so very much for your work.

  10. Jonas says:

    It would also be great if it could correct typos like eee.google.com or qqq.google.com. Are you feeling me?

  11. amphiton says:

    I was looking for some sort of plug-in like this that would correct the typed URL from цццюпщщпдуюсщь to http://www.google.com – from ukrainian (any non-english) to english letters.

    Maybe you could also add this feature?

  12. REVERSE says:

    There is a suggestion, can you make a layout auto selection? Just like this: i’m typing in russian on a page, when i click in to address bar, the layout will be fixed to english.


  13. чя says:

    лажа. даёшь транслит адресов.

  14. michael says:

    Well done with this, looks like you’re getting lots of feedback. I really appreciate the add-on, makes my life easier. Thanks!

  15. great idea! i was hoping someone had made something like this, just a request – all i really need is for it to change .ai to .au, as I never visit any .ai sites, and it really frustrates me. thanks.

  16. it sounds wonderful now i don’t have to go through the trouble of of retyping everything.


    Click on picture to learn more about vampires!

  17. This looks an excellent extension. Some users might prefer http://www.opendns.com/ which does a similar job (turns craigslist.og into craigslist.org for example), plus spots phishing websites and can even speed up your net connection. Free, too: and works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and more. (No link with them other than a satisfied user).

  18. Christopher, excellent tool;
    I do have a request for Austria though; we use .gv.at instead of .gov.at, so for .at domains, the .gov->.gv rule should not apply…

    Keep up the work.

  19. url fixer is very very useful to me. Thank you for creating it and I hope you will maintain it into the future.

    Fantastic – This should be built right into Firefox it’s so damn useful.

  20. Anders says:

    This extension is very useful, however it should have been possible to configure it, because of the local variations in URLs. Is a configuration option possible to make, and may we see it in an update in the future?

    Keep up the good work.

  21. Sudhin says:

    At my place of work, the admins have blocked URLs over instant messengers. So, if we have to send a uRL accross, we insert spaces, as in http ://www .google.com. It would be great if you could take care of removing all spaces from URLs. Now, it oonly removes the first space, and not the others.

  22. Randy says:

    Doesn’t work on Netscape Navigator 9 on OS X. (My other 25+ extensions work fine.) What it does… It disables return-in-urlbar; in other words, the only way to go to a website is to type the url and then physically click the “go” button to the right of the url field. Hope this helps. (I doubt many folks are using Netscape anymore, but I like it.)

  23. It doesn’t work in Navigator 9 because it is built into the browser. You should already be getting the same corrections in Navigator without installing the

  24. Ringtails says:

    Yeah, having an options screen where you can set your own would be nice.

    Is it possible to have .co -> .com

  25. Holy crow, this is an awesome tool! I’m a fast typist but also very sloppy and I HATE being redirected to the wrong place. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  26. Kajsa says:

    As others have suggested, configurable fixes would be awesome. In the meantime, for those of us on Dvorak keyboards, .cow -> .com would be greatly appreciated :) [[w on dvorak is next to m; I hit it by mistake way too often :( ]]

  27. Marvin says:

    Ok I do find some issues with this plugin for example no matter what I do I am not able to browse sites like http://hatena.ne.jp because it makes ne.jp into net.jp.

    I would like to be able to see a method to add our own patterns to the plugin where we could manually add net.jp not to change or a key that we can push to make it bypass the check like maybe the ctrl key so we can still get to these urls without disabling urlfixer entirely.

  28. Dwayne says:

    Agggggh! What’s with the semicolon being changed into a period?!?!?! Haven’t you ever heard of javascript injection?! You need following semicolons after commands. Please remove that function, or add an option so we can turn it off! Thank you!

  29. very good read. i can see why it got so many diggs. this may be the post of the year (since it’s been popular all year long)

  30. Ryan says:

    One thing that would be nice to have implemented if a button that you could hold to disable the autofix. Like with http://www.wacom.com if i go to type in just “wacom” into firefox so that it finds the rest of the url itself it tries to fix the url to “wa.com”. Something like holding the control button when you hit the enter key to turn of the url fixer would be handy in this situation.

  31. It’s great and all, but it would be nice if the user could define their own corrections (with regular expression support of course). I also would like to see corrections for “c.om” ? “.com” and others.

  32. furrykef says:

    As Marvin has said, it “corrects” .ne.jp domains to .net.jp, which causes it to fail. The same also happens with .or.jp, which gets “corrected” to .org.jp.

    To Marvin – you can right-click the address bar and change it to “confirm” mode. That way you can just click “No” (or type “N”) when you try to go to one of these sites and it won’t auto-correct the URL.

  33. rosa says:

    you should make it learn from the list of sites visited how to alter the mistyped url that way nobody will get send to some random site becuase they mistyped somehting.

  34. I dislike “fixers” because quite often I am typing the correctc version of what I want, but the respondent robotic software decides that it is more brilliant than I am, and forces an answer on me that I do not want. If it suggests a better spelling, which I may then choose, then that is fine. I recall battling incessantly with Google once when it attempted to force me into accepting a International Google search engine rather than the U.S. engine, simply because I was performing my search from the nation in question, when in fact my questions related to my own websites which were U.S. based. I hate helpful tools because they consistently make false assumptions.

  35. I dont like fixers as well the assumptions is like when your texting with your cell phone and it trys to spell out the word and it fails repeatedly.

  36. Eleanor says:

    Hey, I just found out of your plugin! Very nice, and will there come support for FF3?

    Anyway, what I post about: I always type […..].bl, which is meant to be .nl. Can you add this to your program please? It would really help me, and I think a lot of others too, a lot!

    Thanks and keep up the good work!!

  37. Dude says:

    Still the only extension of the kind that I find useful is URL Corrector (no longer updated) urlcorrector.mozdev.org
    Wish you could manage to implement its functionality in the URL Fixer

  38. wasige wielhelm says:

    url-fixer doesn’t add much functionality I can use and caused some teeth-grinding whilst testing it.

    + very idiot proof

    – url-fixing occured only in a few standard TLDs.
    – no configuration options (like adding a country TLD)
    – should have a learning/indexing function of mistypet URLs and corrected URLs instead of
    – redirection to the ‘fixed-url’ to (in most cases) an unappropriate third-party URL.

  39. AV says:

    Great Add on – would be really useful if there was a properties file or alike where you can add you’re own “common mistakes” almost like auto correct in Word (sorry to mention an MS product!).

  40. Christian Segesdi says:

    Hello Christopher!

    I’m asking if there is any possibility to manually add replacement patterns for the extension? Or if not, could you implement in a future extension the replacement of a trailing “-/” with a “/” ? Personally that is the only real, but very common mistyping I make when I forget that the keyboard layout is currently set to Hungarian.
    Thanks in advance for your trouble.

  41. Great extension ! I’m in love with it ! Hopefully soon you can add a file to let users enter in their own mistakes. Would be a great upgrade

  42. Yoshi2k says:

    nice extension. But it would be nice to have an overview of all corrections. Maybe you can offer a dialog in the addons section.

    However, can you please add .d –> .de


  43. Nigel says:

    Can this addon let you define some URL search/replaces? i.e. some websites like to prepend a blah.com/redirect.cgi? before a link, which gets very annoying.

    Ability to strip those out would be great and this is the closest addon I can find that’d let you do this potentially.

  44. David says:

    Hello, good addon. In czech language is problem with qwertz(default czech) x qwerty (default english). Is it possible to add correction .cy -> .cz? It´s very often mistake not only in my life :-) Thanx. David

  45. Nano says:

    It doesn’t fix:
    .cm.br to .com.br
    .combr to .com.br
    .cmbr to .com.br

    and more… =/

    Is a brazilian domain!

    Anyways, good work!

  46. GG says:

    Great software, but it miss the corrections when we forgot a letter like .cm to .com or .om to .com etc etc.

    It would be great if you add these corrections or a way to permit our own corrections

    Good Pluging

  47. Ben K says:

    Wonderful extension.
    another vote for configurability-domains to exclude from correction or to accept as OK, etc.
    we have an intranet site with URL http://staffnet/ which gets corrected to staff.net.

  48. Ralf K R says:

    Great extension, but another suggestion, useful for all German users: if type “.ed” it will be changed into “.edu”, because German URLs end on “.de”. It would be helpful to change “.ed” into “.de” either. Can you create a choice menu for such cases?

  49. Chris says:


    Great little extension, saves me every day!

    Ralf, a little tip, do a computer search for url-fixer.js, and you’ll find the code that does the replacements, if you comment out the lines with .edu. (put // at the start of the line) and add the following line:
    {find : “\\.(ed)$”, replace : “.de”},
    You should be fine.

    The same goes for com.br
    {find : “\\.(cmbr|combr|cm.br)$”, replace : “.com.br”},

  50. Hello,

    Please, add sites in “ru”-zone.

    // Missing the dot
    {find: “([^\\.])(ru|com|net|org|edu|mil|gov|aero|biz|coop|info|museum|name|pro|cat|jobs|mobi|travel)$”, replace : “$1.$2”}

    // One letter off/missing one letter
    {nomatch : “(\\.(rr|uu|ur)$)”, find : “\\.(r[^u]|[^r]u|[ru]{2,3})$”, replace : “.ru”}
    // Extra letter
    {find : “\\.(r.u)$”, replace : “.ru”}

  51. Anonymous says:

    Hi, can you add this users from Czech Republic will appreciate it.

    the suffix is “.CZ” so all of these .ct,zc,cu,cy change to cz

    and maybe “,” to “.” thanks

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  53. dasadler says:

    My biggest error is when I type www,somewebsite,com I always seem to hit commas instead of periods… any browser should automatically detect and chage that… alas, they do not.

  54. Lennardt says:

    All german users cant use your extension, because german TLD is .de and if the user makes the error to type .ed the extension ask if you mean .edu .
    It would be usefull if you correct this. Or you make it possible to edit an own mistake-list. Something like “ed -> de” and “con -> com”.

  55. Jasper says:

    Feature request: translate qqq. by www.

    With a QWERTY keyboard sometimes I enter three times Q in stead of W for a website.

  56. Josh says:

    I’m impressed with URL Fixer, except I’ve noticed that it “corrects” intranet to intra.net when followed by a slash. Could this be added as an exception?

  57. Will says:

    # Josh Says: I’m impressed with URL Fixer, except I’ve noticed that it “corrects” intranet to intra.net when followed by a slash. Could this be added as an exception?

    I would *love* this feature, in fact I’ve just spent 30 minutes playing with my firefox config and turning off everything I can find that might make the default FF3 install correct that… and it wont turn off :(

  58. ExistenceGuest says:

    thanx i love that add on bur what a bout including advanced options. i want to be capable of fixing _ & * in url

  59. antekly says:

    Not sure if it is really my web browser considering I still have absolutely no free time to upgrading and i am still utilizing InternetExplorer 7 but while viewing the web page I’ve found some kind of weird letters all around the site . such as Caution: Cannot change head string … and so on. Its a bit abnormal mainly because for me web sites as for example yahoo.com and google.com and also my own one carhire perform ok for me.

  60. editable (and public) list of ‘translations’ would be nice to have. so that any user can insert his translation.. for exemple i would like to alias url’s…

    it could change http://www.google.cmo to http://www.google.com but also, i would like to convert any ‘www.domain.com/something?asdgj=sadasgg11&dj=r’ to ‘safe.domain.com/something?asdgj=sadasgg11&dj=r’

    or maybe … ‘mysite’ to ‘http://blahblah.com’

  61. I would love this feature, in fact I’ve just spent 30 minutes playing with my firefox config and turning off everything I can find that might make the default FF3 install correct that… and it wont turn off :(

  62. D. Fense says:

    With the new update, its adding Adware/Crapware.
    I dont need a SmartLinks-Item in my menu.
    Just had to uninstall it. Goodbye.

  63. Thanks for informative post, but I think this extension won’t be as useful as it is now in the future. Probably all that will be automatically corrected pretty soon even without asking a user. We’ll see.

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  67. Erunno says:

    I often read some previously opened web pages while commuting (and therefore being cut off from the Internet). When encountering potentially interesting links I open them in backgroud tabs for later reading when regaining my Internet connection. URL fixer makes suggestion for perfectly valid URLs when opened in offline mode which I consider a minor bug. Would it be possible for the extension whether Firefox is in offline mode and suppress correction suggestions if this is the case? Thanks.

  68. Spoispuloup says:

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  70. Anonymous says:

    Hi just wanted to give you a little heads up and let you know a few of the images are not loading properly. I’m not really sure why but I think it maybe a image link issue. I have viewed it in four different internet browsers and both display the same outcome.

  71. Alain DENIS says:

    … i wrote those two rules to see my youtube in browser max window and in max HD Quality :

    re:(.*)(/watch\?v=)(.*)(\&)(.*) -> $1/watch_popup?v=$3&autoplay=1&showsearch=0&rel=0&vq=hd1080
    re:(.*)(/watch\?v=)(.*)([^\&]) -> $1/watch_popup?v=$3$4&autoplay=1&showsearch=0&rel=0&vq=hd1080

    one for Url with ‘&’ prameters, one for without.

    Maybe our friend can add a button in the Url Bar to trigger Url_Fixer…
    as they did in urlbarext-1.8.1-fx.xpi..

  72. Alain DENIS says:

    i add this one for when the v= parameter is further :
    re:(.*)watch\?[^(v=)](.*)([\&v=])(.*) -> $1watch_popup?v=$4&autoplay=1&showsearch=0&rel=0&vq=hd1080

  73. Monsiuer says:

    Since the recent update, urlfixer leads to problems with using enter in the address line. Therefore I deactivated the addon that I had used for a long time.

  74. @Monsiuer: You probably have Tab Mix Plus or IE Tab 2 installed, they cause this issue. URL Fixer 4.0.1 has been released already and works around it. However, you might want to consider whether you really want to use these extensions – they are very broken and will continue causing trouble for other extensions.

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