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Navigator Splash Screen Design Contest

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We’ve gotten a lot of feedback during the Navigator beta period that many users want the option of a splash screen. Well, we’ve decided to give our design team a break and let you submit your own idea for how the splash screen should look. The winning image will be used as the splash screen in the final 9.0 release of Navigator, and the designer will (of course) be listed in the browser credits. We’ve already seen some great designs in the Netscape community forums, so we know that there’s untapped talent out there.

Send your designs in PNG format to; we’ll be posting them here as they come in. You have until September 20th to enter, and don’t forget to vote in the poll on what the final prize should be for the winner.

What should the prize for the splash screen design contest be?
Money 152 (49.7%)
Fame 51 (16.7%)
Glory 55 (18.0%)
Tom Drapeau’s voice on your home answering machine 48 (15.7%)

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