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Feed Statistics 1.2: Monitor your most popular feeds

Note: Feed Statistics has been discontinued and is no longer supported.

I’ve updated the Feed Statistics plugin for WordPress to version 1.2; this update adds a “Top Feeds” page where you can see what the most popular feeds for your website are (e.g., main feed, category feeds, different feed formats). It shows a list of all of the feed URLs that your subscibers are requesting, and how many people are requesting each feed.

Top Feeds List

(Note: if you’re already running the plugin, this page will take some time to fully populate.)

This release also includes a fix proposed in the comments section by Nathan Pralle to better detect all of the different ways that feeds are accessed. Thanks Nathan!

To install this plugin:

  • If you installed an earlier version, download the zip file of the latest version here, and overwrite feed-statistics.php in your blog’s wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • If you’re downloading it for the first time, just copy it to that directory and activate it from the Plugin administration menu.

3 comments on “Feed Statistics 1.2: Monitor your most popular feeds

  1. Error in admin panel:

    WordPress database error: [Can’t group on ‘identifier’]
    SELECT subscribers AS total, CASE WHEN SUM(subscribers) = 1 THEN identifier ELSE CONCAT(identifier, feed) END AS identifier FROM wp_feed_subscribers WHERE ( (date > ‘2007-06-10 13:41:15’) OR ( LOCATE(‘###’,identifier) != 0 AND date > ‘2006-12-12 12:41:15’ ) ) GROUP BY identifier

  2. Hello,

    Your plugin works great for me.

    But I do not see any way to put a feed logo right abose or after the number of feeds.
    Also, when I try to add HTML on the feed_subscribers() funtion (lines 574-578) it break the blog.

    If you can think on that for the next versions I will be glad.


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