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Netscape Navigator 9 Beta 3 Released

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Netscape is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Netscape Navigator 9.0 Beta 3. The release is now available for download from for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Beta 3 includes the following changes from Beta 2:

  • New preferences in Tabs panel of Preferences dialog
  • Added “Link Pad” to the “Clear Private Data” dialog
  • Fixed issue with Link Pad icon blinking indefinitely
  • Added News preferences to pane of Preferences dialog
  • Fixed bug with feed processor that was causing both a memory leak and excessive CPU usage
  • Added tab preference for opening bookmarks
  • Added tab preference for links opened by integrated components
  • Changed URL correction confirmation to be enabled by default
  • Fixed bug in URL correction that was interrupting the auto-addition of “www” and “.com”
  • Fixed bug that caused the “Confirm correcitons” item in the Location bar’s context menu to be hidden
  • Added button in preferences to easily disable integration
  • Various performance fixes

For a complete list of the new features in Netscape 9, see What’s New in Netscape Navigator 9? at; you may want to also check out the Netscape Navigator FAQ for information on running Navigator 9 alongside previous Netscape browsers.


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