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Building a better multi-link opener

After giving up on GoogleTabs, I was thinking about how there is no acceptable (by my standards, anyway) Firefox extension for opening multiple links. Linky is too general, just opening large swaths of links, and Snap Links requires you to physically indicate every link that you want opened. An ideal extension should know the links that you want to open based on just one link out of the set.

I believe that I’ve written this suitable extension, and it’s called Links Like This. The extension works like so: any time you right-click on a link, an option entitled “Open Links Like This…” is added to the context menu:

Opening links with Links Like This

If you select that option, the extension will find all of the links in the page that are similar to the link you right-clicked on, highlight them, and then ask you to confirm that they are indeed the links that you want to open.

Links Like This marks the links it will open

Unlike GoogleTabs, this extension is generalized to all websites. Due to its dynamic matching algorithm, it actually appears to work better than GoogleTabs on Google search pages, and in my experience so far, it works equally well with the other search engines and link-heavy sites like Digg/Netscape/Reddit or CraigsList.

You can install Links Like This from the Links Like This homepage. Feel free to describe any positive or negative experiences with it in the comment section below.


2 comments on “Building a better multi-link opener

  1. Zaheer Babar says:

    I am wondering, if there is some extension for ” if I click on a link then the link opens in a new tab / window in the background and the tab/page from which I have clicked the link will close”, so that I can study all the new opened links one by one in the end. Can you do this thing. Please let me know.

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