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Decommissioning GoogleTabs

I’ve decided to retire GoogleTabs, one of the very first extensions I ever wrote. GoogleTabs adds a context-menu option to open all of the Google search results on the current page in tabs.

I made this decision for several reasons:

  • I don’t have time to keep up with Google. Every time they change the HTML for any of their search result pages, I have to update the extension and release a new version.
  • I don’t use the extension. All of my other extensions came about to fill one of my browsing needs, and in a few cases, other people found the extension useful as well. Since I never really used GoogleTabs, I don’t feel the same need to keep it current.
  • There are better solutions. There are other extensions like Snap Links and Linky that do the same thing, but on a wider scale. It doesn’t make sense to have a Google-specific version when you can have one extension that mass-opens links on all webpages.

According to Mozilla Addons, GoogleTabs was downloaded a total of 95,322 times (plus the downloads directly from my site), so it had a pretty good run. Rest in peace, GoogleTabs.


One comment on “Decommissioning GoogleTabs

  1. kurt says:

    LOVED googleTabs. First add-on I would install in every (dozens) profile of firefox. Sad to see it go … but do understand. Wanted you to know my appreciation.

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