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Netscape 9’s Sidebar Browser

This post originally appeared on the Netscape Blog.

In Netscape 9, we’ve built upon Firefox’s option to load a bookmark in the sidebar by extending sidebar browsing to all links. (Right click on any link and choose “Open Link in Sidebar;” you can also drag and drop a link onto the sidebar if it is already open.)

In order to properly support this feature, we’ve enhanced the sidebar browser by adding a navigation menu, address bar, and link target toggle. The default link target is to have all links clicked in the sidebar launch in the main browser window, which is best suited for a single webpage that has lots of outgoing links (like your My.Netscape page, example shown below). You can also choose to toggle this and just browse in the sidebar as if it was a regular browser window.

My.Netscape in the sidebar; click to view the full image.

The sidebar browser can be opened with a toolbar button, a hot-key combination, or via the View > Sidebar menu.


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