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Netscape 9: What’s my line?

This post originally appeared on the Netscape Blog.

Rather than just posting a new browser feature or an update on Netscape 9’s development, I thought I’d switch it up this week and have a little contest.

Netscape 9 will have a new top-level menu (as in File, Edit, etc.) that does not appear in Firefox or any previous version of Netscape. The first person to correctly guess the name of the menu and its function will get their name included in the Netscape 9 credits, which you can view in the browser via the “About Netscape” dialog.

You must post your guess below, and anyone with inside knowledge of the browser (like a current or former Netscape employee) is ineligible. Your name is probably already in the credits, so you’d have nothing to gain anyway.

Let the guessing begin!


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