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Solidarity for supernova17

I just noticed that 4 of the top 31 users at Digg (MrBabyMan, koregaonpark, TheAttacks, and charbarred) have all replaced their avatars with that of supernova17, who was banned from Digg for submitting (yes, just submitting) a story about how there might be a so-called Bury Brigade.

I’m not sure what the Digg moderators were thinking, banning a user for submitting a link to content with which they don’t agree. Maybe I’m just naive, but if they’re going to ban users, maybe they should start with glenjammin, who, in a sampling of 1700 buries, accounted for 17 percent of them. What are the odds that the majority of his 284 buries were justified?

Update: And jasnmb makes five.


3 comments on “Solidarity for supernova17

  1. glenjammin says:

    Fellow Diggers,
    I started burying all Sony and Wii related articles about three days ago because I was absolutely sick of hearing the fanboyism. I have resolved to stop burying stories without merit immediately. Thanks.

  2. #1) Karim’s account (Suprnova17) is back
    #2) I heard it was initially banned because he submitted a duplicate submission deliberately (added a “#” to the end of the URL)


  3. koregaonpark here. There was no way I was gonna let Digg ban supernova again, without me doing anything about it. That’s why I changed my icon. Luckily, richstyles followed suit, and then MrBabyMan and TheAttacks…

    supernova is possibly the only old timer who still religiously submits stories to Digg. He truly loves the site, but ends up getting shit from the admins. Oh, and according to him, he received the URL from a friend with the “#” or whatever at the end, he didn’t add it. And I believe him.

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