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Extension Updates

Update: URL Fixer was acquired and is now hosted at

I’ve just updated all of my extensions to be compatible with Firefox 2.0. They’re all available for download at my site, and they’ll all eventually be available at Mozilla Addons as well. No new features for these updates, just compatibility fixes.


4 comments on “Extension Updates

  1. Leo says:

    Sorry to post this here as I couldn’t find an answer on the mOzilla forums. I just discovered this extension and I like it way better than Wiz or whatever its called. I have a folder called Live Bookmarks and it only loads 5 out of my 20 something feeds I watch through Sage RSS reader. How do I add more feeds and/or are all kinds of feeds supported? Thank you for this extension

  2. myisthik says:

    Hi, your add-on is the best for what i want to be aware of… but is there one for Chrome Browser ? i didn’t see that.

    Keep on doing well.

    Thanks u for attention.

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