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Discontinuing Slashdotter

Slashdotter is an extension I wrote in 2006 in order to customize the Slashdot experience. It was covered on Slashdot and was received favorably by the Slashdot audience, but I don’t have the time anymore to update it every time Slashdot changes their UI or HTML.

If you’d like to take over development, let me know, and I’ll transfer the Slashdotter add-on to you on AMO; if nobody volunteers, I’ll be removing the add-on from AMO in a couple of weeks. (Like all of my browser extensions, Slashdotter’s source code is open source, so you could still develop your own version if you want.)

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Four More Fennec Add-ons

Update: TwitterBar for Firefox was sold to HootSuite and renamed HootBar in March of 2011. TwitterBar for Chrome was discontinued in October of 2012.

Note: AutoAuth is now being developed by Steffan Schlein. If you would like to leave feedback, pleaseĀ create an issue on GitHub.

I got some great feedback after I updated URL Fixer to be compatible with Fennec, Mozilla’s mobile browser, and I’m happy to announce that I’ve been able to add Fennec compatibility to four more add-ons:

So far, I’ve found it pretty easy to port add-ons to Fennec, with the following caveats:

  • You can’t install add-ons in Fennec by opening them from your computer; I wrote a script to copy the add-on directly into the Fennec profile, much like an add-on IV drip – straight into the bloodstream!
  • There’s no easy access to the error console , but you can open it manually if you grab the address from Firefox.
  • No DOM Inspector. For now, just browse the source.

It seems that all of these issues could be solved with a “Fennec Add-on Development” extension; maybe that will be my next project, unless easier solutions already exist.

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Own a piece of history

For the low, low price of $189,900, you could own this piece of Web software history:

This is the very building where I worked on such projects as Slashdotter, Netscape Navigator 9, OPML Support for Firefox, ScribeFire, the Digg Top Users list, and most recently, Twits Like Me. If you act now, I’ll even throw in the very desk that I sit at while I work my programming magic. Deals like this don’t come along every day, especially when you consider that I was named as Time Magazine’s 2006 Man of the Year!

This introductory pricing won’t last long, so you’d better hurry up and make an offer.

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Extension Updates

Update: URL Fixer was acquired and is now hosted at

I’ve just updated all of my extensions to be compatible with Firefox 2.0. They’re all available for download at my site, and they’ll all eventually be available at Mozilla Addons as well. No new features for these updates, just compatibility fixes.