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Something I can’t stand about Digg

Here’s something I can’t stand about Digg:

Say you’re not logged in and browsing the front page, opening stories and discussions in tabs (or new windows, if you’re stuck in the past) as you go, and you see a story you want to either digg or bury. So you go to the login box on the left and enter your information.

Now, any decent system would process your login and send you back to the page you logged in on. (A better system would prompt you for login information when you try to vote for a story, and after logging you in, process your vote and send you back to the correct page.) Digg, however, will always redirect you to the last page you loaded in Digg, whether or not it was the page from which you logged in. So if I’ve opened a Digg discussion page in a new tab since loading the home page, I’ll be sent there after logging in.

That is extremely lazy programming; instead of checking which page sent the login request, Digg must just store your last loaded page in the session and assume that’s where you want to go. Come on, Kevin; is it that hard to just add something like

<input type=”hidden” name=”referrer” value=”<?=sanitize($_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”])?>” />

to the login form? With as many users as Digg has, you’d think enough people would have complained about it by now for it to be fixed.


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