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This post originally appeared on the Netscape Blog.

A few weeks ago, we announced that the social news functionality was being removed from the Netscape Navigator Web browser in parallel with’s transition to; at that same time, we promised that we’d release these features as standalone browser extensions.

We’re making true on that commitment; the following social news features that had been standard components of early betas of Netscape Navigator 9 have now been reborn as browser extensions. These extensions are compatible with both Firefox 2 and Navigator 9:


sitemail fas

The News and Tracker extensions are still available only in the Mozilla Addons sandbox; read this for more information about the sandbox.

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Netscape 9 and Social News

This post originally appeared on the Netscape Blog.

Netscape 9 will include built-in tools to share, vote for, and discuss interesting things you find on the Web directly from the browser’s URL bar. The image below shows the state of the address bar for a page that

a) hasn’t been submitted to
b) has been submitted and you haven’t voted for it
c) has been submitted, and you have already voted for it.

The vote and comment totals are shown in the tooltips for the images as well as in the status bar.

We feel that having these tools in the browser by default will introduce the idea of social news to a whole new set of users, and it should make it easier for those who are already familiar with the concept.