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Netstripe: Netscape 9’s Theme for Firefox

This post originally appeared on the Netscape Blog.

Netscape 9 is on its way, but to tide you over until it gets here, we’re releasing Netscape 9’s theme (called Netstripe) as a separate add-on for Firefox. Here are some previews of the great work done by our designer, Andy Fraley. (You can install the theme by following the instructions at the end of this post.)

Figure 1: Theme preview image


Figure 2: Toolbar and tabs (click for full view)


Figure 3: Add-ons dialog


Figure 4: Bookmarks Manager

Netstripe is compatible with Firefox 2.0 through Firefox 2.0.0.*. To install the theme, you can either download it from Mozilla Addons or just complete the following steps:

1. If you are running Firefox on Windows, install the theme using this link:

Install Netstripe for Firefox 2 on Windows

If you are running Firefox on Mac OSX, use this link.

Install Netstripe for Firefox 2 on Mac

2. Restart Firefox after installing the theme.
3. Open the Addons Manager (Tools > Add-ons).
4. Click on the Themes tab.
5. Select Netstripe and press “Use Theme”
6. Restart Firefox.

On a separate note, we’ve been alerted that there are files out there masquerading as “leaked” versions of Netscape 9. You can be sure that Netscape 9 has not been leaked, and when it is available, the only legitimate (and safe) place to get it will be

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The Netscape Digg Tracker

This post originally appeared on the Netscape Blog.

In the spirit of holiday generosity, we give you this:

The Netscape Digg Tracker

Based on our own Friends’ Activity Sidebar and by using the public Digg API, this extension allows you to monitor your friends’ activities on Digg!

Netscape’s Digg Tracker extension helps you keep tabs on what stories your Digg friends are submitting, commenting on, and digging. A new toolbar button (shown below) features the Digg mascot. When there is new activity by your friends (i.e., a new comment or a new story submission), the button will be activated and the digger will be shown with his shovel. Clicking on the activated button will open a list of your friends’ activity in the sidebar, allowing you to easily browse the stories in which they’re being active.

Figure 1: The two main states of the toolbar button.

Each time you view your friends’ activity, you will only be shown activity that is new since the last time you opened the sidebar. In addition, the top 5 stories from will be shown below your friends’ activity. At any time, you can click the toolbar button to view these links, even if there is no new activity to display. The extension defaults to showing you the submissions of the friends of Kevin Rose, Digg’s founder and chief architect. You can have it alert you to your own friends’ activities by entering your username in the options dialog.

Note: The sidebar limits activity to five stories/comments for each friend. To view more of a friend’s recent activity, click on their avatar or username to be sent to that friend’s profile.

Figure 2: Netscape’s Digg Tracker Sidebar

Netscape’s Digg Tracker is compatible with Firefox 1.5 through 2.0.0.* as well as the latest release of Flock and can be downloaded from Mozilla Addons.

Happy Holidays from Team Netscape to Team Digg!