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Turning Billy Bookcase into William Bookcase

Years ago, when we were young and poor, my wife and I bought a Billy Bookcase from Ikea. It looked like this:

Now that we are sophisticated wealthy adults, we wanted — no, needed — something classier. So, I painted Billy, gave him a face frame, and added moulding to the top and bottom. I made the moulding myself using a roundover bit, a cove bit, and some strategic tablesaw cuts. I also replaced the waxed cardboard that was acting as the back of the bookshelf with some lauan plywood.


2 comments on “Turning Billy Bookcase into William Bookcase

  1. ^ well now I know where you get it from.

    I recently made a Bill Bookcase by trimming a foot off the top using a skilsaw so it would fit underneath my wall mounted AC.

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