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I Built a Rolling Workbench

Just looking for the plans to make this? You can get the PDF plans for this rolling workbench with a table saw cutout on Etsy or download the the SketchUp file for free.

This weekend, I finally got tired of having this guy be my only workspace in the garage. Any time I wanted to use my table saw, or planer, or jointer, or drill press, or router, I had to clear off this table, hoist the tool up there and clamp it in place. Talk about a lot of wasted time.

After 11 hours of work (including the trip to Home Depot to buy the lumber), this is what I’ve upgraded to. No more using the kids’ toys in the garage as temporary sawhorses! I can use the table saw, planer, and router in place, and I’ll be mounting a drill press on top too. The jointer will be stored underneath, since I don’t use it that often and it’s not that heavy.

Home Depot. My SUV can fit a 48″ wide sheet of plywood perfectly, but I guess MDF is sold in 49″ widths.

The base framed up. You can see on the side some 90º clamps I bought the day before at a garage sale. I am in love with them already.

I used the plans from The Backyard Workshop (which have since disappeared). You can see the Sketchup model on my computer in the back of my car.

Framing the box for the table saw. I am so looking forward to having an outfeed table and not having to clamp the saw in place every time I use it.

I routed an opening for my router table to sit flush in the bench. Very happy with this too. (There’s a fence and stuff for this, it’s just not in the picture.)

The seat for the table saw.

My saw has a home!

My helper for the day. He volunteered to shop-vac all the sawdust, and I was not going to say no.

Finished (for now)! Total materials cost: about $170. I wanted to get it all loaded up with the rest of my tools, but it started raining and I was exhausted. I’m going to be adding some upper shelves in the middle two sections too for storing smaller tools.


14 comments on “I Built a Rolling Workbench

  1. Joshua Briese says:

    Hi, I am wanting to build something similar for my tiny garage. I am super curious about how you measured and built to make sure your table saw is completely flush. This is baffling to me. What did you do to nail it and get it perfect?

  2. Gary says:

    Great Idea. I already built a mobile work bench similar to this one but I like the add on of the router and table saw, I think I’ll do the same thing to mine. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Michael Maynard says:

    Just what I’m looking for. It looks simple yet roomy for storage underneath. I couldn’t access your sketch up file, and to be honest, at 70 years of age my drafting skills usually consist of graph paper, ruler and pencil.

    So my question is: what are the dimensions of your table? My work area is in a 10’x12′ shed, with one end taken up by cupboard space and an upright freezer just inside the door, so my work space is limited. If I could combine my table saw and router into one working space it would help.

  4. Caupolican desde Chile says:

    Interesante su proyecto .Tiene otras sugerencias ? tengo 93 años y mi vista no debo cansarla, Yo había empezado a calcular y a dibujar, no obstante me estoy demorando m mucho.
    Me puede sugerir donde encuentro medidas ya calculadas vale decir un plano de su proyecto?
    Muchísimas gracias

  5. Joey Macias says:

    I really appreciate and respect your workmanship on your Roland work bench saw table, I would really love to have the plans so I can give it a try it would be much appreciated and respected.

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