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New WordPress Theme: Clean and Sober

Today, I’m releasing my site’s theme (the design you’re looking at right now) as a free open source theme for WordPress. I’m calling it Clean and Sober, and it’s compatible with WordPress 3.4 and up. Here’s the default homepage:

The default Clean and Sober homepage.

It’s designed mainly with single-author blogs in mind, since I initially wrote it for (this) single author blog, and there are not a lot of graphics (zero, to be exact), since I am, how-you-say, very bad at doing art.

This is the first WordPress theme I’ve released in five years (the last being Greencode in January of 2007), and the first one that I’ve tried to make compatible with all of the Theme Review Guidelines, and let me tell you, it is exhausting. Major props to the themers who can do this more than once every five years.

Some notable notes:

  • Post excerpts are displayed on index pages beneath the post title. If no excerpt is defined, nothing is displayed there.
  • You can define one menu, which is displayed beneath the header. If a menu item has children, they will automatically be shown in a dropdown menu.
  • On pages with an author (posts, pages, etc.), the author’s bio will be displayed beneath the content if the author has written a bio and saved it in their profile’s Bio field.
  • On pages without an author (search results, the homepage, etc.), you can choose a user to be displayed as the default author. This is handy for single-author blogs that are identified solely with one user. This setting can be changed from the theme customizer.
  • The contact links on the right side of the bio are defined at the bottom of your profile page.

It works well for my needs, but I’m interested to see all the new and exciting ways that other people can break it by trying it on their blogs. Give it a shot and let me know how you like it in the comments, or just take a look at this gallery of screenshots:


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