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Mahalo Share Goes to 11

One of the latest things I’ve been working on at Mahalo is Mahalo Share. It’s a utility that automatically posts links that you want to share to 11 different services:, Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku, your Tumblr blog, Ma.gnolia, Faves, Pownce, Mahalo, StumbleUpon, and/or Google Bookmarks.

Mahalo Share dialog box

All of this cross-posting is done behind the scenes using various APIs, so there aren’t additional popup windows to fill out for each service. We’ll be adding more services as they’re requested.


3 comments on “Mahalo Share Goes to 11

  1. Aaron Peters says:

    Hi Christopher,

    I have installed Mahalo Share and in the options authenticated with Facebook.
    Submitting to Facebook results in a Mini-Feed item.
    This is nice, but I don’t understand that I don’t have to install a Facebook App.

    I always have to install a Facebook App when using something like this.

    Don’t understand…


  2. Heidi says:

    Hi there, Mahalo Share doesn’t work properly on Firefox on my MacOS X Leopard. First of all, the add-on randomly saves login information. Although it should save all information on Mahalo, it sometimes doesn’t. When I actually submit a link, for every page a windows pops up asking me the login information again – twice!! For 9 pages I want submit links to, this means I have to enter login information 18 times!! When I grow tired and I click on “cancel”, the add-on disables sharing information on the Mahalo server alltogether. (This doesn’t matter since it actually doesn’t retrieve the information form the server.) Even when I enter the information, only two or three sites (instead of all nine) actually receive the link posted. MySpace doesn’t work at all and doesn’t even accept valid login data. Ma.gnolia doesn’t work too and I can’t specify my login procedure (I’m using my facebook login for ma.gnolia, but I can’t tell this to the Mahalo Share add-on, so it doesn’t authenticate.) Facebook doesn’t authenticate too. I’m using the version of Mahalo Share from the Firefox add-on page. Is Mahalo Share dependent on certain ports or something?? I’m sitting behind a firewall.

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