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Mahalo Share Goes to 11

One of the latest things I’ve been working on at Mahalo is Mahalo Share. It’s a utility that automatically posts links that you want to share to 11 different services:, Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku, your Tumblr blog, Ma.gnolia, Faves, Pownce, Mahalo, StumbleUpon, and/or Google Bookmarks.

Mahalo Share dialog box

All of this cross-posting is done behind the scenes using various APIs, so there aren’t additional popup windows to fill out for each service. We’ll be adding more services as they’re requested.

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Mahalo Follow 3.0

We just rolled out Mahalo Follow 3.0, and the big new feature this time around is the ability to cross-post any links you recommend to Mahalo via the Follow toolbar between Twitter,, and Ma.gnolia. Just add your account info (process shown below), and after recommending a link for a Mahalo search term, your link will be auto-posted to whichever services you set up via the service’s API.

Follow 3.0’s Preferences Dialog

Notice that you can choose which services to cross-post to each time you recommend a link.

Example of Follow 3.0’s new feature

Follow 3.0 is compatible with Firefox 1.5 through 3.0 Beta 2 and Flock 1.0.*, and you can install it at the Mahalo Follow homepage.