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Facebook Image-to-Email: Broken Again

I am aware that the Facebook Image-to-Email Firefox extension is (once again) broken, and given that version 1.1 installed on Firefox was working, and now version 1.1 installed on Firefox is not working, it has to be due to a change that Facebook made. The problem is that I can’t discern any relevant changes in Facebook’s profile pages that would cause a problem.

The crux is this: I’m getting an NS_ERROR_DOM_SECURITY_ERR error when trying to run context.getImageData(). From what I’ve read, this implies that the JavaScript is not in the same domain as the image that was fed into the canvas and/or does not have permission to know the image’s contents, but as far as I can tell, Facebook didn’t change where the e-mail images are coming from, so that would seem to be a strange problem to have.

Any insight into this is appreciated.


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  1. Ville says:

    In the event this gets fixed later, it would be nice to see a ‘companion extension’ that would automagically spider and save all your friends contact info: email addresses, physical address, phone number etc. Preferable into something Thunderbird (and/or Gmail) can eat… before the whole facebook thing comes crashing down (like all of it’s predecessors).

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