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What’s old is new again

A few weeks ago, I started a little side project, and I decided to write it in Python with the Django framework based on all of the good things I’ve heard about it. I may never go back to PHP.

It’s like this: imagine you’ve been driving the same 1987 Dodge Dynasty for the last 8 years. It gets you around, and you know exactly how to handle it. Most importantly, you’ve learned just what to do when it breaks down to get it going again. Then, one day, someone offers to trade you their brand-new Mustang for your Dynasty, straight-up. (They’re a collector of late ’80’s sedans, you see.) You are unsure, since you’ll have to learn how to handle this new car, but you accept, and your entire perspective on driving changes – the tired chore of going to the post office becomes your favorite pass-time; you’ve volunteering to take friends to the airport even when they have no flights to catch; and you can finally drive on the interstate since you know you won’t break down.

This is what it’s like to switch to Python after a lifetime of writing PHP. Programming is part problem-solving and part code-writing. With PHP, the fun of solving the problems overcomes the chore of writing the code; with Python, writing the code is enjoyable enough that I find myself wanting more problems to solve just so I can code the solutions. It’s a great feeling.


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