Dear Google…

Why do people only write formal letters to corporations when they have a problem? It’s like the college-aged child who only writes home when he needs money. I’d like to see more of this:

Dear Google,

How are things with you? I’m doing well, if you were wondering. Congratulations on your DoubleClick acquisition; it sounds like you really burned Microsoft’s biscuits on that one! LOL What else are you up to these days? Just thought I’d drop you a line.

Have a good one,


P.S. What are you doing on Friday – want to grab some beers? I’ll send you an invite on Facebook.

Come on, let’s show our favorite mega-companies how much they mean to us with some no-strings-attached correspondence.


2 comments on “Dear Google…

  1. You’re right, Chris. So, how’s this:

    Dear Google,
    Thank you for the Desktop Search program. It’s the best, and has saved me time (and my employer and clients $). I don’t even use MSFT’s computer and Outlook search.
    Sincerely — mostly happy with your services,
    Mike Driehorst

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