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Digg feeds still broken

It’s been a week since I first brought up the problem with certain Digg Search RSS feeds being broken. I reported the bug through Digg’s “Report a Website bug” form, and I mentioned it here as well. Has a week been enough time to fix what is most likely a simple programming error?

No. Initially, I had assumed that the feeds would be fixed within a few days, and I’d be able to do a nice little “I reported a bug and Digg fixed it in x hours/days” post, but now it’s turning into “How long can it possibly take?” Has anyone else ever reported a bug to Digg? How long did it take to get fixed? I’d hate to think that they’re not fixing the bug on purpose just because it was reported by someone they don’t care for.


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  1. I’ve reported a site bug before, by phone. I called up Digg. It was fixed quickly. Not that I encourage people to call Digg for every problem they have, but I was to lazy to send an email.
    Great bunch of people at Digg.

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