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The A to Z of me

I’ve been thinking recently that it’d be fun to see what domains are listed first in the auto-complete for my URL bar for each letter of the alphabet. Shall we?

archive.org: a digital library of Internet sites. Most recently, I checked it to get a cached copy of the RSS 0.91 DTD.

blog.netscape.com: the official blog of Netscape Communications Corporation.

calacanis.com: The blog of Jason Calacanis, Internet entrepreneur.

digg.com: User-driven social content. A great place to stay current on (mostly) tech news.

chrisfinke.com: Duh.

fark.com: It’s not news, it’s one of the Internet’s greatest time-wasters.

gmail.google.com: The best webmail application ever.

hyperculture.typepad.com: A fairly interesting blog that covers various tech news.

imdb.com: The Internet Movie Database. I probably used it last to see what other movies the actors from The Office have been in.

jacob.chrisfinke.com: My little brother’s website.

kb.mozillazine.org: Documentation for Mozilla products.

lifeintheoffice.com: A blog that covers all things Office.

meatgasm.com: A blog focusing on the wonderful world of meat.

netscape.com: Social news with editorial oversight.

opera.com: The Opera Web browser.

php.net: Documentation for the PHP programming language.

q – None. Apparently, I haven’t visited a domain starting with “q” in the last month.

reddit.com: Another social news website.

slashdot.org: The place to discuss the latest tech news.

techmeme.org: The place to find the latest tech news.

userstyles.org: A repository of styles for Mozilla applications. They have some great Firefox customizations.

videos.netscape.com: The Popular Videos channel of Netscape.com.

woot.com: An online store: One Day, One Deal.

xulplanet.com: Documentation for the XUL markup language.

youtube.com: Oh, you haven’t heard of it? It’s this obscure unknown website where people upload videos of themselves tubing down various rivers of the world.

zefrank.com: The funniest three minutes of my day.

I think this list sums me up pretty well. I’m not sadistic enough to try to turn this into a pyramid meme, but does anyone else want to reveal the A-Z of their browser history?


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