Music Review: Talk Show’s “Talk Show”

This content of this post originally appeared in the “JNL” section of the Janesville Gazette.

Members of Stone Temple Pilots have put together this band, and it’s worth listening to. The singers’ voices aren’t annoying, they have a good sound, and the voices don’t get wavy or soft.

“Ring Twice” combine sadness with a feeling that just can’t be described. The lyrics aren’t sad, but the sound of the singer’s voice clashes slightly with the words. “Hello Hello” tells a story about a girl who is one kind of person but seems like another. This song has some of the better lyrics on the CD, and the music is fast and sort of gloomy. “So Long” is about a guy convincing someone who is depressed not to commit suicide, and about there being bad times before the good times. It’s got the best lyrics on the CD and the best message. “Wash Me Down” uses a softer tone of music and is a little more relaxing, plus it has one of the better melodies on the album. “Fill the Fields” uses an acoustic piano in the background, and it’s relaxing, too.

I have only a couple of complaints. They use the same type of music too much, an d they have some meaningless lyrics, such as “Everybody Loves My Car.” But it’s a pretty good album, fun to listen to and enjoyable.


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