Movie Review: First Kid

This content of this post originally appeared in the “JNL” section of the Janesville Gazette.

Sinbad stars in this fabulous movie about an agent who is assigned to protect the president’s son, Luke Davenport (played by Brook Pierce.) The role of Luke could easily have been better cast; Brock Pierce is not ready for a role on the big screen. He needs more acting lessons.

But Sinbad as Agent Sam Simms turns the whole movie around. He adds a certain twist to it with his jokes and with his neckties.

After Luke’s first bodyguard is fired, Simms is assigned to protect him. Instead of being stiff and spiritless, Sam is loose and likes to joke around.

Through the whole movie, there is a sort of war going on between Luke and a boy in his class played by Zachary Ty Brian. This boy is angry at Luke because he thinks Luke believes he’s better than everybody else; he’s also jealous that the girl he likes doesn’t like him, but likes Luke instead.

The only way that this movie could have been better is if they had had a better actor for the role of Luke. Overall, this movie is hilarious and one of the best kid films this year.


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