Movie Review: Car Pool

This content of this post originally appeared in the “JNL” section of the Janesville Gazette.

Tom Arnold stars in this hilarious movie as Franklin Lazzle, a man who runs his own circus.

He’s broke, so he plans to rob a bank. Before he goes to the bank, he goes to Hammerman’s grocery store for a doughnut.

Meanwhile, Daniel, a father who is getting ready for work (ironically, he was going to make a presentation to Mr. Hammerman, the owner of the grocery store), finds out that his wife is sick and he has to drive the neighborhood car pool. He picks up all the kids, but they haven’t had breakfast yet, so he stops at Hammerman’s to get some Danish for them.

The cashier is held by two gunmen while Franklin and Daniel are in the store.

Franklin somehow ends up getting the money, and he decides he should have some hostages, so he takes Daniel and all the children.

After they get away from the cops, they stop at a salon to use the bathroom, and Franklin decides to paint the vehicle with hair dye so the police can’t identify it.

it was kind of hard to believe that they didn’t get any dye on the handles or windows. But this is still a two thumbs up, four star movie.


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