Movie Review: House Arrest

This content of this post originally appeared in the “JNL” section of the Janesville Gazette.

With a cast from Jamie Lee Curtis to Kyle Howard to Ray Walston, this is one of the best children’s films of the summer.

Grover Beiner (Howard) is upset about his parents getting separated. His friend Matt jokes about looking them in the closet until they work things out. So that’s what Grover does — locks them in the basement.

When some kids from school hear about it, they want in, too. So Grover’s parents (played by Curtis and Kevin Pollack), TJ’s parents, Matt’s parents and Brooke’s mom are all looked in Grover’s basement.

Matt has a lot of knowledge of video equipment, so he helps everybody set up some cameras that let the parents see and hear their kids for “group therapy. The parents try to escape, creating some unlikely scenarios. But all in all, this is an amazingly hilarious and fabulous film.


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