Greencode WordPress Theme

Greencode is a theme I developed for WordPress blogs that is based on a previous design of my website.

Screenshot of Greencode WordPress theme

Some noteable notes regarding this theme:

  • Greencode implements “tagging” instead of “categories” and features a tag cloud instead of a category list.
  • Each page has a sidebar, including single post pages.
  • The theme includes a print stylesheet for cleaner printed pages.
  • The code for the templates is valid XHTML.
  • Greencode has a custom view for visitors using the Nintendo Wii’s Web browser.
  • Although it may look as if the blog title is part of the header image, the title is actually positioned over a blank spot in the header. If your blog title is significantly longer than 20 characters, you may want to edit the header image to leave more blank space. You can e-mail me for the high-quality, layered Photoshop file.
  • It is compatible with WordPress 2.0-2.1.2 for sure; your mileage may vary with other versions.

The latest version of Greencode is version 0.4, released on 2007-03-03.

Full theme installation instructions can be found at the official WordPress site, but in short, unzip the files and upload the greencode/ directory to wp-content/themes/. Then choose the “Greencode” theme in the Presentation tab of your blog admin panel.

Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or feedback on this theme.

Note: watch the Greencode section of my blog for information on updates to this theme.

5 comments on “Greencode WordPress Theme

  1. A very cool theme. I will download it for my next website which is coming soon. I do happen to agree with Kulin about a bit more space for content.

    Wish you the best.

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