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AOL News and

AOL News has undergone a redesign to be more “bloggy” (according to Reuters). Part of this update is that now they’re featuring the top stories at under the “User Submitted News” in the left-hand sidebar.

I wouldn’t mind that section being a little higher up on the page though, maybe replacing any of the nine (yes, nine) links to stories about Paris Hilton being released from prison…

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Is Digg hiding stories from search?

This link to the Navigator 9 download page was submitted to Digg around noon on Tuesday and received 10 diggs over the next 24 hours. A story about a Firefox-based browser release submitted by a top-100 Digger? That sounds like possible front-page material to me – why only 10 diggs? Maybe it’s because the story was excluded from Digg’s search results: it doesn’t appear in results for netscape or navigator. Is it possible that it was buried, and that’s why it’s not in the regular results?

No, it doesn’t appear in the search results for buried stories either. In fact, I can’t find it at all by searching on Digg. Has Digg instituted some sort of double secret probation for stories it doesn’t want its users finding?

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Coverage of the Navigator 9 Beta

Articles about the release of the Navigator 9 Beta have been all over the Web today. Here are the major ones that I’ve spotted:

Slashdot: First Peek at Netscape Navigator 9

Fark: Netscape releases a new browser. In other news, Netscape still makes a browser

456 Berea Street: Software Update Day

Pronet Advertising: Netscape Navigator 9 Released – The Social Browser Has Landed Netscape releases Netscape Navigator 9 beta 1

Download Squad: Netscape Navigator 9 Beta 1 released

Webware: Hands-on with Netscape’s new social browser

Mac Daily News: Netscape Navigator 9.0 beta 1 released

Beta News: Netscape Browser Becomes ‘Navigator’ Again