Yammer Time

Yammer Time has been discontinued.

Yammer is a service designed to help co-workers keep each other up-to-date on their work progress by answering the question “What are you working on?”

Yammer Time is a Firefox extension that reminds you to use Yammer. By default, every 4 hours between 9AM and 5PM on weekdays, it will pop up this obtrusive prompt:

Stop: Yammer time.

Just tell it what you’re working on (you are working, aren’t you?), and it will go away for the next 4 hours. You can change how often it asks (and on what days) in the Preferences dialog. You can also manually update Yammer by clicking on the Yammer Time toolbar button:

3 comments on “Yammer Time

  1. Felix Jahnen says:


    I reinstalled yammer now for many times on 3 different machines, but sometimes (or more like: many times!) yammer time fails trying to update my status with an popup window from firefox full of javascript errors. Hope you can fix this, because its simply not usable this way.


  2. Its awesome!
    its working in my computer but now it doesnt give me chance to install it in my colleagues.. it says

    Your application is now enabled

    You have successfully authorized the following application:
    Application: Yammer Time
    Permissions: View Subscriptions, View Members, View Tags, Modify Messages, View Groups, Modify Subscriptions, View Messages

    To complete the authorization go back to the Yammer Time application and enter the following code:

    Do not share this code with anyone.
    Type or paste it directly into the application.

    And i cant put it anywhere in yammer time anymore :S



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