Typing passwords on mobile devices sucks. If you have even a reasonably strong password (one that includes letters, numbers, and special characters), it can take more than a few seconds to type it out on a phone’s keypad or on-screen keyboard. In this day and age, that’s time you just don’t have!

Tapsure is an extension for Firefox for Mobile that alleviates this problem by allowing you to input passwords on websites by tapping a rhythm on your touchscreen rather than hunting through the device’s keyboard.

How does it work?

Install Tapsure here, and after restarting Firefox for Mobile, log into one of your online accounts as usual. After you log in, you’ll see a notification from Tapsure:

Choose “Yes,” and you’ll see this dialog:

(If you choose “No,” Tapsure will never ask about that specific password again. If you just close the notification, Tapsure will ask the next time you use the password.)

Here comes the fun part: think of a song, a pattern, a rhythm, or even some Morse code that you want to use to log in to sites that use this password – it can be anything, as long as it doesn’t have more than a full second between taps. Got it? Ok, now tap that song/pattern/rhythm/Morse code on the screen. Tapsure will save it and close the dialog.

Now, the next time you’re logging into a site that uses that password, instead of slowly typing out your super-secure 20-character password, just hold your finger down on the password field until you see this:

Now tap out your pattern from the previous step, and Tapsure will automatically fill in your password for you. (If you tap the pattern incorrectly, Tapsure will shake it off and give you another chance.)

You can repeat these steps for as many passwords as you like – Tapsure will remember them all.

Tapsure Settings

In the add-on options panel, you can reset all of the patterns you’ve saved with Tapsure to start over. (This will also clear the list of passwords that Tapsure won’t ask you to save a pattern for.)

Is this secure?

Yes, Tapsure saves your patterns and passwords using Firefox’s built-in password manager, so it just as secure as having Firefox remember your passwords. Tapsure also has the benefit that someone could closely watch you log in to a website without knowing your password, because it’s harder to discern and remember a tapped pattern than it is to watch the keys that you press.

Couldn’t I just tell Firefox to remember the password?

You could… but if you use the same password on more than one site (which I estimate that 99.9% of people do), you’d have to type it out with excruciating care on every single site that you use it on.


Try and use a semi-unique pattern – don’t choose Happy Birthday. It’s like using the password “password.”

Tapsure probably works better on capacitive touchscreens than resistive touch screens, simply due to the fact that it’s easier to tap a quick pattern when you don’t have to press down firmly on each tap.

Tapsure was entered in the Firefox Mobile Add-ons Cup. If you want to see it win, please write to your senators and representatives.

Where can I install it again?

Or, you can search for “Tapsure” in the “Get Add-ons” portion of Firefox for Mobile.

9 comments on “Tapsure

  1. It would be nice if there was a checkbox for firefox to remember your password IN tapsure, so that you can type the password via taps and then not have to do so again for a given site.

  2. Me: Tapsure allows for a certain variation in the timing of your taps, which should be large enough to give you the leeway to not have to be perfect, but small enough to not allow completely different rhythms to access your passwords.

  3. Yushatak: I’m not sure what you mean; you can already tell Firefox to remember the password after you type/tap it in, and most sites have a “Remember Me” option so that you don’t have to type your password each time.

  4. Ron says:

    I installed tapsure on Firefox mobile 4 on my Xoom. Tried it on 3 websites. 1) drugstore.com – worked well, 2) directv.com – didn’t ask if I wanted to add tap, Bank of the West – also never asked. Still debugging?

  5. Robert Booth says:

    I can’t remeber the last time I left a review for any product. I’m certian it’s been years. With that said, I wanted to let everyone know that I’m a Cisco network engineer who own a Motorola 3G WiFi Xoom. I have Tapsure installed and it works great. No problems or issues. To the person with the Xoom that had the problem, try touching the password area with your fingure and hold for a second or two. You will see the little tap area pop up.

    Request – Please make an app that works for anytime you need to enter a username / password regardless of where you are on the Internet or starting an app that requires a password. Would thing this would simple to do. Could even map username and password to a keyboard shortcut. Would save me a ton of time, as i use my Xoom in the car – a lot!

    Thanks again for great product!
    Robert Booth

  6. Hi,
    thanks for making this plugin,
    i’m an amateur radio operator, and i like Morse code.
    i use this plugin and tapping my password in Morse code.
    it is really fun and easy rather than looking for keyboard buttons to enter the password.

    Thanks again.

    my best regards, 9M2PJU.

  7. Tim says:

    Awesome idea. Don’t suppose you develop for Dolphin at all….? (I have both FF mobile and Dolphin and slightly prefer Dolphin to FF although both are better than default browser)

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