Comedy Bang Bang Plugs Theme: Feliz Novvy-Doggy

Comedy Bang Bang is a comedy podcast. As it’s been running for almost thirteen years, there is a lot of lore, and I would sound insane if I tried to explain it all, but long story short, I submitted this clip as a Plugs theme. (If you know, you know.)

It’s sampled from episode 731, Nutshell Yourself, where host Scott and friend Jason Mantzoukas ring in the beginning of November, a.k.a. Novvy-doggy.

If the player doesn’t load right here, you can download the file directly.

Update: Feliz Novvy-Doggy was played as the closing-up-the-plug-bag theme on episode 732, “Pause and Respond.” Sadly, Scott credited a different listener for it, which will make it difficult for me to parlay this newfound fame into fortune.


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