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Functional Print and CNC Carving Mashup: Mini Air-Hockey Pucks

In today’s Don Rickles news, I 3D-printed and CNC carved some mini air-hockey pucks.

We were given a mini air-hockey table this week, but it didn’t have any pucks, and after buying some at Walmart, we learned that the table didn’t use full-size pucks. After five minutes in OpenSCAD and half an hour of machining, I had two replacement pucks ready to go.

The question I know you’re dying to ask: which one is better? According to the kids, the plastic puck has a more satisfying sound, but the wooden puck glides better.


2 comments on “Functional Print and CNC Carving Mashup: Mini Air-Hockey Pucks

  1. I had a similar experience today. I got a free piano that I thought I’d turn into something cool, but I was missing a hyperextended knee, so I made one of those. Didn’t even need a CNC router.

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