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LEGO Gender Equality

At the suggestion of Thingiverse user MrZaius, I’ve added support for female dual-sided bricks to my LEGO-compatible brick OpenSCAD library. The library already had support for male dual-sided bricks, so this is great progress towards eliminating the gender dual-sidedness gap.

A cross-section of a female dual-sided plate.

A cross-section of a female dual-sided plate.

Female dual-sided bricks are twice as tall as their equivalent single-sided brick in order to allow for enough space for the studs of other bricks to fit in on each side. You can try making your own customizable LEGO-compatible brick with the Thingiverse Customizer.


3 comments on “LEGO Gender Equality

  1. Marius Ellisar says:

    Lego does not have a behaviour because it does not have a personality, therefore it cannot have a Gender. Gender is a set of behaviours, often stereotyped according to Sex. What you have iconized in your Lego plate is not Gender; you have made the plate Female on BOTH sides. That is Sex. I like it.

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